The Magic Thief: Found, by Sarah Prineas -- a pre-review squee

The Magic Thief: Found, the third book in a series by Sarah Prineas, comes out May 25. A long way away...but I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the ARC, and just a few hours ago put it down again.

I'll be writing a more review-ish review closer to the release date, but I can't wait that long to share how much fun it was! The second book seemed a tad slow and melancholy--Conn, the young thief turned magician who is the series hero, is under a cloud for most of the book. But in Book 3, the brisk action (and the concomitant blur of the pages being turned) swept me along. So besides the fact that I don't like to post reviews too far in advance of publication, I can't actually write a review of this now anyway because I was too busy reading to think!

Such fun. If you haven't read books 1 and 2 yet, now is the time to do so! These are excellent middle grade books, and rather nice reading for the rest of us as well.


  1. I agree these books are wonderful and a fun read!

  2. This is another series I should have read. The author offered me a copy long ago, but I didn't think my blog had enough people interested in books for such young readers. Boy was I wrong. I think at the time I had just read a bunch of YA books (or is this MG)?

    The author, as I recall, was very nice.

  3. See, now I really appreciate pre-reviews like this that give me time to read the prequels. If I love them, then there's not that long of a wait for the new book. It's a bit indulgent, actually. :)

  4. Sometimes it's amazing to see the complexity of stories that are written for younger audiences. Not only are a lot of them enjoyable for the age category they're written for, but I've found recently that a lot of adults get a kick out of them too, and not just for the nostalgia of rereading a book they read when they were younger.

    Sometimes I like to curl up with a good YA novel too. Haven't read this series yet, but if I can find them, I'll definitely take a look.

  5. Yeah, this is very middle grade-ish as a whole series, and I think this is the most "middle grade" book of the three so far--it is more about things happening than the complexities of human relationships and growing up in general, which characterize more young adult-ish books.

    But it was just the sort of fast paced escapism I needed to pleasantly distract me!

  6. LOVE this series. Tech Boy loved the first book - occasionally he will put aside PhD tomes and pick up "just a book-book" of mine, and be immersed for several hours, and with this one he really had fun. Pre-review squees makes us both quite happy.

  7. Oooh, lucky duck!! So glad to hear #3 is a bit more lively than #2 (which I still liked - but it was kinda a downer...)

  8. i like this sereis a lot i cant wait for it to come out


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