Viruses and Awards

Today I considered bringing my little one's stuffed rabies virus to work with me, hung on a string around my neck, to warn my co-workers that I was a Vector (not, mercifully, carrying rabies--just a bad cold. But still). Rabies (book related) came into my mind later today as I held bigger one's hand as his gums were cauterized for orthodontic reasons, and I distracted him by recounting Emily Bronte's dog bite and subsequent red hot poker treatment of same....

But on a happier note, I was recently awarded one of the Inaugural, very first ever given, Manly SWEATY Doll Blogger Awards!

The guys over at Boys Rule Boys Read! weren't sure that the "Sugar Doll" award that they had just gotten really spoke to who they are, so they made up this award of their own, and I was one of the recipients! (Thanks!)

From what they say, I did not get this award because my blog embodies a robust masculinity. And indeed although I have operated a back hoe and shot a gun etc etc I did not Enjoy these very manly things. Not so as to want to do them again. But I shall try to fulfil my end of this particular award bargain:

Tell a couple of things about yourself: see above
The name of your favorite guy book: Dragonbreath, by Ursula Vernon
Your favorite sports moment: My best friend and I won the three-legged race on Game Day when I was seven
Favorite MANLY MAN movie: The Man Who Would be King
Favorite manly music: Jupiter from Holst's The Planets
Your Favorite Food With No Nutritional Value: candy corn

No blog is leaping gazelle-like to mind as being worthy of this award. I shall have to think about it....



    Also: most disturbing that your children have stuffed rabies viruses. I want to see their stuffed germs... poor little one. Cauterized gums are NOT FUN.

  2. One can buy a whole range of germs...Children today have it so good.


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