2009 Andre Norton Award Challenge

Reviewing Zoe's Tale a few days ago made me decided to read all the books nominated for this year's Andre Norton Award, the Nebula equivalent award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy. Would any one like to join me? The award will be announced May 15th, so there's plenty of time. Here's the list:

It is not every day that you see the Newbery Award winner on the Norton ballot.

If you'd like to read these too, please leave a comment and I'll list participants here, with links to any posts you might have about them.....

Just to get things started, I've read Ash, Ice, Zoe's Tale, and Hotel Under the Sand, and read, but not reviewed, Eyes Like Stars and When You Reach Me.

Misty and Becky, have joined me, with Kate and Bookwyrm expressing some interest as well....Anyone else?


  1. Oh that is exciting, especially when I have already read some on them!!

    I wish you luck on your .


  2. I really really liked Eyes Like Stars :)

  3. Wow! I've read everything but The Girl Who Circumnavigated, etc. and Leviathan. The latter is sitting in my TBR pile, but I think the other is an e-book only available online. Happy reading! (I'm going to go Google that book.)

  4. Just realized you provided the link, thanks! Gotta love a book whose first chapter is titled, "Exeunt, on a Leopard."

  5. I've read four of them already. And I was planning on reading the remaining ones anyway! So I'm definitely going to join you on this. I need to read Ice, Zoe's Tale, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairlyand in a Ship of Her Own Making, and Leviathan.

  6. Sounds fun!

    Kind of depends on what I can get from the library--I don't usually buy books any more as my shelves are 2 deep and stacked on toop already!


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