My to-be-read list, a to-be-bought list of much more importance, and a challenge that beautifully combines the two

Thanks, everyone, who took part in this challenge! I bought seven books, which is more than I would have bought otherwise, and that was the point....

Before Blogging, I was a peaceful re-reader. Sure, I'd try new books occasionally, but I wasn't adventuresome in the least.

After Blogging, I am an overwhelmed reader, with more books I want to read than I know what to do with! It is still awfully exciting to open new books, but, really, it's verging on madness....

My working to-be-read list (which doesn't include the four pages in my Amazon shopping cart) has outgrown its page, and is about to be neatly recopied. Here it is (and I'm sorry it runs of the side of the page--the scanner couldn't cope):

I'm lucky--I live in a state with a brilliant, and free, interlibrary loan service, and my library is four doors down from my house. The hard part is not getting greedy, and requesting too many at once...and even if a book isn't in the library system, I'm able to buy books I want...or even gratefully receive them from the publishers.

I'm lucky.

So, with my own list in front of me, waiting to be re-written, I'm thinking of two other wish lists of books, for kids who don't have the wild and crazy book access that I do. Guys Lit Wire is spearheading a book drive for two reservation schools, where each book received will be incredibly welcomed and valued. (read more here at Chasing Ray).

I am going to be heading over to Powells, and entering "guyslitwire@gmail.com" in the wish list slot...but I don't know how many books I'll buy yet. (btw--I have a link to Powells here on my blog, and anything I make from it helps my own public library)

So, anyone reading this, here's a challenge--for every ten books that can be deciphered on my to-be-read list, I'll buy a book from the wish list! I don't actually expect a lot of people to play this little game with me (which is fine :) and my feelings won't be hurt, much :)), so if you can recognize any book titles, just leave them in the comments, and I'll add them all up at the end.

Here's what's been found so far, now nicely alphabetized:

13 Days to Midnight,After Ever After,Bad Girls Don't Die,The Anubis Gate,Before I Fall, Before the storm, Betraying Season, Between Two Seas, The Bone Doll's Twin, Botany of Desire,The Boys Are Back in Town, The Chestnut King, The Comet's Curse, Dark Isle, The dragon keeper, The Dreamer, The Einstein Girl, Evermore, Falling Up, Fever crumb, Geektastic, The Golden Age, Heart's Blood, The Hunter's Moon, Inside Out, The Legend of the Wandering King, Living Hell, The Lost Children, The Lost Garden, The Magicians, The Mapmaker's Monsters, The Margarets, Mira, Mirror, Mockingbird, A Most Improper Magic (sic- should be "Magick"), Off World, The Owl Keeper, Prime Baby, The Prince of Mist, The Princes of the Golden Cage, Raven's Gate, The Red Pyramid, River boy, Sorcerer's Letter Box, Stardust, Save the Best for Last, Shapeshifter, Still She Wished for Company, Stuck on Earth, The Summer I Got A Life, Sunset Valley, Toads and Diamonds, Troll Fell, The Vinter's Luck, Voices of Dragons, Warriors in the Crossfire, When the Hip Chicks Went to War, Wild Things, Will Grayson Will Grayson, Wolf Hall, World Shaker, Year of the bomb.

For my own interest, a year later these are the books I still haven't read:
13 Days to Midnight,Bad Girls Don't Die,The Anubis Gate, Before the storm, Between Two Seas, The Bone Doll's Twin, Botany of Desire,The Boys Are Back in Town, Dark Isle [should be Darkisle], The dragon keeper, The Dreamer, The Einstein Girl, Evermore, The Golden Age, Inside Out, The Legend of the Wandering King, The Lost Garden, The Magicians, The Mapmaker's Monsters, The Margarets, Mira, Mirror, A Most Improper Magic (sic- should be "Magick"), Off World, The Princes of the Golden Cage, Raven's Gate, Sorcerer's Letter Box, Stardust, Save the Best for Last, Still She Wished for Company, Sunset Valley, The Vinter's Luck, Voices of Dragons, Warriors in the Crossfire, When the Hip Chicks Went to War, Wolf Hall, World Shaker.

36 still unread...

Update: Eyes like Stars is not actually on the list! I was recopying it this morning (so as to catch mistakes on my part such as this) and realized it is a different book, and indeed, I was wondering why Eyes like Stars was still on it when I had read it a while ago....

Thank you all so much for playing! We are up to 61 (out of about 84)! It is strange typing them-I don't remember why I wanted about a third of them. What, for instance, is Before the Storm about?????

I am surprised that no-one got this one yet--even though it was cut off by the Bad Scanner, the Clues are there.

(btw, this book buying project ends Wednesday, April 21, so I'll close this on Tuesday)


  1. Is that Stardust, above Raven's Gate? If it is, you should read it immediately. Its wonderful, but somewhat different from other works of Neil Gaiman.

    I can read a few other titles like Living Hell and The Comets Curse, but since I have not heard of them, I am not listing them here.

    btw, your handwriting is not that bad, I think you will end up buying a lot of books. which is good. :)

  2. Five books identified! Thanks Emile and Adangeus.

    And yes, I know I should read Stardust immediatly (whimpers)...I really want to...

    (viz handwriting--the bulk of this list was neatly copied from an older list. At which point I realized that I myself couldn't read the names of all the books I'd written down, so I was trying to be more careful here!)

  3. Okay, I tried to decipher 10 and this is what I have: Before I Fall, Evermore, Bad Girls Don't Die, The Golden Age, The Einstein Girl, The Boys Are Back in Town, Eyes Like Stars, Stardust, Raven's Gate, Troll Fell

    You really should read Before I Fall, I liked it a lot!

  4. Thanks for playing, Chachic!

    I'm definitly reading Before I Fall--I figure it can count as a Timeslip Book, and those I always need to read.

  5. This is a wonderful idea!

    I think I saw:

    The Summer I Got A Life
    River Rising (?)
    Stuck on Earth
    Sunset Valley (?)
    Bad Girls Don't Die
    The Legend of the Wandering King
    The Einstein Girl (?)
    Mirror Mirror
    The Dreamer

  6. Also!

    The Princes of the Golden Cage
    13 Days to Midnight
    Troll Fell

    Er, I had too much fun doing this.

  7. I love this challenge!

    Wolf Hall
    The Vinter's Luck
    Before I Fall
    Bad Girls Don't Die?
    The Einstein Girl?
    The Golden Age
    Off World
    The Red Pyramid
    The Magicians
    Before the storm
    the year of the bomb
    fever crumb?
    eyes like stars
    13 days to midnight?
    River boy
    the dragon keeper

    I give up. . . :-)

  8. Oh, this is sick!!! I'm going to be seeing squiggly lines for hours....

    I can add these:

    Prime Baby
    Wild Thing
    The Alchemist

    I also caught The Dreamer - Pam Ryan's name helped on that one. I just got it to review and it's gorgeous!!! (I know I'm seconding that one, but still...)

    And I'm seeing The Red Pyramid, I think.

    I just tweeted about this - hopefully more folks will arrive to decipher!

  9. I'm also seeing "Year of the Bomb" but it looks like you have the word "or" in front of it? (Just reviewed this on - in my current column. Fabulous!)

  10. Well done, all!

    It's not actually Mirror, Mirror, so I'm leaving that up for grabs!

    It's a "the" in front of Year of the Bomb... :)

  11. And I don't think, Sandy, that there's one called River Rising....but I will write them out neatly tomorrow and check!

  12. Ooh! Fun game for a great cause! Here are the ones I got that I don't think were listed already...If they're the real titles!
    A Most Important Magic
    The Normal
    What the Hip Kids Want to Wear
    After Ever After
    Still She Waited for Company

    I'm sure some of those aren't even close, but I had to try! Thanks for supporting the book drive!!

  13. The Owl Keeper, Chestnut King, Inside Out, Living Hell, Save the Best for Last

    I also thought it was Mirror Mirror, now my eyes hurt from trying to figure it out.

  14. Mockingbird and After Ever After are correct; the others not quite!

    And Mirror Mirror is very close to being correct-check the last letters....hint hint

  15. Oh no! What happened to my comment? I deciphered quite a few that also happened to be on my to-read list but most of them have been named by now. How about...
    Botany of Desire
    Toads and Diamonds
    Legend of the Wandering King
    A Most Improper Magic (sic)
    The Bone Doll's Twin?

    That should be good for half a book, I think!

  16. Ok, some have already been listed, but this is what I think I have:

    The Dreamer
    The Alchemist
    Before I Fall
    Legend of the Wandering King
    Save the Best for Last
    Bad Girls Don't Die
    The Golden Age
    Most Improper Magic
    Betraying Season
    Sorcerer's Letter Box
    Living Hell
    Lost Garden
    The Hunder's Moon
    Prince of Mist
    Toads and Diamonds
    Boys are Back in Town
    Off World
    The Owl Keeper
    Red Pyramid
    Dark Isle
    World Shaker
    Fever Crumb
    Inside Out
    Raven's Gate
    Wolf Hall
    Wild Things
    Sunset Story
    Princes of the Golden Cage
    Botany of Desire
    When the Hip Chicks Went to War
    The Year of the Bomb
    Before the Storm
    Lost Children
    Warriors in the Crossfire
    Troll Fell
    Falling Up
    Chestnut King

    Hope I got enough right for at least 1 book!

  17. ok, I am back to give this another shot.

    Between two seas?
    The Sorcerer's Letter Box
    The foot garden?

    The Anubis Gate (Not sure how I missed this earlier. It is also in my reading list, and its been there for quite a while now.)

    The Prince of Mist
    Voices of dragons

    aaargh!! I can't take this anymore. Some of them are too difficult for me and my poor eyes.

    and I have no idea what the Mirror one is, I also thought it was Mirror, Mirror.

  18. I'm seeing what I think is "The Map Makers"

    Still not sure on that "mirror" one thought.

  19. I think I see The Anubis Gate?

  20. ...wait. Wait.
    The library is FOUR DOORS DOWN FROM YOU???


  21. Well done, all! Thanks! That's five books to be bought so far...

    Colleen, you are indeed seeing "The Map Makers," but there's a word that comes after it...

  22. Yes! Mira, Mirror! Sorry for the extra r that caused confusion....

  23. The Margarets, Still She Wished for Company, Heart's Blood

  24. Yes! Still She Wished for Company is going to be on my to be read list for years, I think--it is hard to find and expensive. But it sounds so good!

  25. Is that Will Grayson Will Grayson on the list?

  26. I'm going to say "The Map Makers Monsters" (or Monster)

    It's definitely an "M" word with a "T" in the middle.

  27. Yes! The Map Maker's Monster, and I will go look it up right now because I don't remember what it is...

  28. Secret of the Sand? That's the only one I see that hasn't been guessed yet.


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