48 Hour Reading Challenge Finish Line!

I read for 22 hours, social media-ed for at least three hours, and probably spent a good 30 minutes wandering around the house looking for the book I was reading, and cursing (there were lots of interruptions, and sometimes I remember to leave my book where I was sitting, but often I don't, and leave them on top of the toaster, or on the tv, etc.)

I read nine books, and part of three more--3118 pages. Last time I read for 35 hours, but only got through 3706 pages....dunno why (they must have been less generously spaced). And in my finish line post last year I also proudly posted that I didn't misplace a single book. Humph.

A Nest for Celeste, by Henry Cole, 150 pages (it technically has more, but there were so many illustrations this is all I'm giving myself) (thoughts in post below)
A Time To Dance, by Robina Beckles Willson 192 pages (ditto)
The Heart is Not a Size, by Beth Kephart 243 pages (ditto)
Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer 316 pages (I can't believe I had this sitting on my shelf unread for the last five years. What was I thinking?)
Falling In, by Frances O'Roark Dowell 245 pages (reviewed below)
The Year of the Bomb, by Ronald Kid 195 pages (a tad disappointing, but I often don't really like books where the characters spend a lot of the time being anxious/angry/tense, like these guys were)
Rescue in Ravensdale, by Esme Cartmell 237 pages (this was perhaps my favorite--full review to come)
The Heavenward Path, by Kara Kalkey, 222 pages (full review to come)
Ivy's Ever After, by Dawn Lairmore, 311 pages (full review to come)

And I also read 267 pages of Eyes Like Leaves, by Charles De Lint. (his fourth book, written years and years ago...spells druid "dhruide", describes someone's eyes as having "alabastrine" irises, and includes a "greybeard" named Puretongue....Yet despite lots and lots of this sort of thing, especially at the beginning, it is not entirely un-compelling. But I don't think I'll be finishing it).

Finished these two, for 340 pages:
Firestorm, by David Klass (three posts down)
The Game of Sunken Places by M.T. Anderson (ditto)

so a bit short of my goals --30 hours, 15 books. But, as noted above, there were interruptions....at least the tbr pile has made good progress, and I read some good books!


  1. My TBR pile went down some...but from going through and viewing everyones completed challenges, I've added WAY more to my list of need to pick up to read. Congrats on the challenge.

  2. Congrats on completing the challenge! That's a lot of books!

  3. Great job! I love Sorcery and Cecilia. And you will love Calpurnia.

  4. Congrats. I'm impressed you read as much as you did.

  5. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! Looking forward to following your posts!

  6. Congratulations on finishing. You read some great books. I agree, like you I had a lot of interruptions this year.

  7. Great job! Thanks for playing!

    I didn't lose any books as I was reading them, but I kept going back to my bookshelves to select different titles. I was getting picky.

  8. Congrats on finishing, and I'm looking forward to the reviews!

  9. Well done! I know all about the interruptions, I had them too. I was reading the same book most of the time, and kept track of the pages per hour. So when my sons started to distract me, I calculated my hours on the number of pages read. My sons were distracting me a lot so, e.g., 1.5 hours of "reading" was only 50 mins worth of pages read.

    Oh well, we did it!!

  10. Oh, I loved Sorcery and Cecila!

    I read Year of the Bomb for the 48 Hour Book Challenge too... I liked it, but had trouble suspending my disbelief at times. Wouldn't famous physicist Richard Feynman have briskly showed four nosy boys the door, instead of sitting down and spilling out his heart?

  11. OK, I'm going to go pull Sorcery and Cecila off the shelf.

    Also, I feel better. I leave books all over the house too. I don't mean to but something happens and I have to put the book down and then something shiny catches my attention and I go off to deal with that and by the time I cycle around again, I have no idea where I last saw my book.

  12. As usual, I'm impressed by your stamina. It's true commitment when you continue reading while serving as a base while your kids play baseball! (I read while watering the garden - but the thrill factor just isn't the same)

  13. Thanks all!

    What it really goes to show, Eva, is how neglected my poor boys are, having a mother who chooses to read rather than engage with them meaningfully...

  14. Charlotte, can I tell you how much I love your wandering around looking for books? It's so... charming. :-) And I really loved Sorcery and Cecila, too, though I haven't read any of the sequels to it.


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