48 hour reading challenge halfway post

I've now finished the first 24 hours of the 48 hour reading challenge, and am not doing terribly well. I've read for 10 hours and 10 minutes, and have finished 3 whole books (Falling In, The Heavenward Path, and Rescue in Ravensdale) and 3 halves of books, and some of Comet In Moominland out loud, for a total of 1004 pages plus however many pages were in Rescue in Ravensdale which I can no longer find, something like 240. However, two books went back to the library today, clearing things up a bit (joke. There is no help or hope for me viz book clutter). With the exception of Rescue in Ravendale, I've been reading my library books, so as to get them out of the house, but I think it might actually be better to read my own books so that I can get them shelved...

It is too hot to do anything outside, the children are quiescent, and there is food in the house...so I'm hoping to have a Nicer reading experience for the next 24 hours. (But I won't be making my goal of thirty hours...oh well!)

I have also been to a birthday party, where I had to talk to other parents and couldn't go hide in the shrubbery and read :(, and I spent another hour on social media...


  1. You're doing fine! I figure, even if I only read for a couple of hours and finish two books, that's more than I would on a typical weekend.

  2. Yeah, this hasn't gone as easy for me either this time, but I'm trying to relax and go with it. I have knocked out some books but that's because they aren't long and I haven't written reviews. Eh, maybe later. ;^)

  3. I had an unscheduled nap this afternoon so am feeling a bit behind. Thanks for the review of Falling In...it's on my list! Keep going...your doing great! And thanks for cheering the first timer on! :)

  4. You're doing great. (Or you were, anyway.) I liked the bit about not getting to hide in the shrubbery and reading... Here's hoping the rest goes better.

  5. Good for you! My pages are quite a bit less. If I get my 9 books read. I will be happy.


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