A page for all my reviews of multicultural fanatasy/sci fi reviews

Just a quick post to say that (as one of my Bloggiesta self-assigned tasks) I've made a page up at the top of my blog that lists all the reviews I've written of multicultural fantasy and science fiction books for kids and teens. I have a label for these reviews--"reading in color," but since I use that label for other types of post, I wanted to pull out the reviews so that people could find them if they wanted to.

I am rather dismayed to see that I have only 33 books listed. If I continue to write about three book review posts a week, that's about 70 more reviews for this year (which doesn't sound like many at all, but can't really be helped). It seems possible that I can get at least thirty more books on that list by the end of the year, especially if I go back and write reviews for books I've already read...

(for more discussion about multicultural children's books, here's a great post at Shelf Talker--"The Elephant in the Room", and at Hunger Mountain, you can read the differing viewpoints of authors Tanita Davis ("Reflected Faces") and Mitali Perkins ("Teens do Judge a Book by its Cover").

Recommendations for multicultural sci fi/fantasy always gratefully received!


  1. Neat! There are a number of books on your list I had not realized featured POC chars. Thank you for putting those all in one place.

    Also, I don't know if PRUNELLA fits the conditions for your list (the MC is described as "brown-skinned" and depicted as such on the cover), but I know you read and reviewed it. :-)

  2. Oh gosh, thanks for reminding me Deva! Prunella goes on the list forthwith.

  3. Liz Burns, I remember, said something about just adding one book by a character of color a month to her reading list, and that making a real difference... there's just NOT THAT MUCH YET in terms of SFF with characters of color. But I'm glad you're making a list - that makes MY reading life easier!

  4. That's great you added the list. Don't feel bad if you can't add that much too it. You only have so much time.

    At some point though, you might want to add Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon. I'll let you know if I think of any others.

  5. I saw this tab and got so excited. Giddy even, I daresay.


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