A poll for those who have read The Demon's Covenant

Warning: this poll is a spoiler for The Demon's Covenant, by Sarah Rees Brennan. If you have not read this lovely feast of wonderful writing and characterization, do not read any more of this post.

I don't much care if Katniss ends up with Peeta or with Gale (either would be fine), and I never cared about Edward and Jacob....but, after reading The Demon's Covenant, and swooning all over the place (boy, can Brennan write swoon-inducing prose), I find myself caring very much about Alan, Nick, and Mae.... But who will Mae end up with?

Will it be Alan--caring, great depth of character, smart, unselfish, and a Liar with a capital L, who cares so much about Nick he might not have any caring left over for a meaningful relationship?

Will it be Nick--incredibly dark and handsome, challenging, not much for conversation, but oh so smoldering....but on the downside, a demon?

I myself am firmly on Team Alan (pause while I melt just thinking about a certain scene in the kitchen). What do you think?

Team Alan or Team Nick

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After realizing, thanks to commentors (see comments), that I was being too narrow in my thinking. There is also Sin! So I've added two more options (with complimentary typo):

The choices above were too limiting

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  1. Hey, what about other? I think Sin might be a good choice, or maybe some normal boy. Not that she's that good at picking them...

  2. You're right Beth...I just tried to create a poll with that option, but then realized I would have lost all other entries....


  3. After book 1 I totally was Team Alan, and then after Book 2 I hurled myself off that ship from the plank!

    At the moment I think I am Team Mae, or more accurately, TEAM CRAWFORDS--Mae & Jamie together, supporting each other through thick and thin, best siblings in the universe come what may. That is, I don't really feel invested in wanting either Alan or Nick to win out (or Gerald or Seb for that matter, regarding Jamie's potential ships); I just want them all to survive and be happy. Right now Mae's in love with Nick, and I know she knows that's a bad idea, but I hope that she doesn't get her heart broken. I BELIEVE IN YOUR CAPACITY TO LOVE, NICK, I DO <33333333

    Though, seriously, if I thought there was a remote chance that we would actually get Mae/Sin in the finale I would run joyfully shrieking around the internet. I LOVE that ship.

    and i love this post! :D

  4. But Alan--I care so much about him, I want him to be happy....I wanted him to find love with someone other than Nick so that he could begin to be his own person. Sigh....

    On the other hand, the more I think about it, the more Mae/Sin appeals! I can just imagine them running the market together for the rest of their lives, bickering and teasing and watching each other's backs....and dancing.

  5. And now you have 9 votes for Mae/Sin! I FULLY SUPPORT THIS ADDITION TO THE POLL! :D

  6. I think Mae will choose Nick, even if she should choose someone else (Alan or a nice non-demon).

  7. Nice to see other people worrying about this! This post makes me happy.

    At the start of Covenant, I was rooting for Jamie/Nick and Mae/Alan. Alan seriously annoyed me at the end of the book, though, and I switched to Mae/Nick. Now my friends and I are thinking Mae/Nick, Alan/Sin, and Jamie/Seb makes the most sense.
    This is partly because they have a lot to get over to decide to be together -- the demon mark, the limp, the killing -- and partly because they would all work so well together -- the human lessons, thinking it's totally normal to pay someone a translation to be nice to Nick, hating being a magician.

  8. Toughie, toughie. I'm equally torn over the choice between Alan and Nick. Those two's relationship *phew* it kills me. SRB can surely write.

  9. I'm thinking Alan/Sin now myself, now that I've heard the third book is from Sin's POV...

  10. Just finished DC (finally!) and had bookmarked this to come back to, so here I am!

    I definitely think the story itself is demanding Alan/Sin (because of the limp/dancer tension - they have more to overcome, and also as Sin is POV char for Book 3) and Nick/Mae (because Mae's love will probably be necessary to keep Nick growing toward humanity).

    But as some others have said, right now I just want all my favorites (and those four are my favorites -- I actually don't care as much for Jaime) to be happy, whether that's with other people, or on their own.

    Fun to see what others think. And I do love the idea of Mae/Sin developing a stronger relationship (whether romantic or not).


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