Let the Cybils Nominating begin!!!!

Cybils Eve is here again--nominations open just after midnight tonight (EST). I wish I could stay up late enough for the Twitter nominating party....Nominations will close again on October 15.

I'm a panelist in elementary and middle grade science fiction and fantasy this year. I hope we get lots and lots of great nominations! And please note the "elementary" part--there are lots of great sff books out there, just right for younger readers, that need to be nominated...

The official nominating guidelines can be seen here, at the Cybils website.

Anyone (any country, any age, blogger or non-blogger) can nominate a book in each category (one book per category per customer). Excitingly, this year, for the first time, Elementary/Middle Grade science fiction/fantasy and Young Adult science fiction/fantasy count as two separate categories! This means that one person can nominate both a young adult sff book and one for younger readers! (Yay!) The same is true for graphic novels--two age categories, two nominations.

The book that get nominated must have been published between the last contest and this close of this one. In other words, between Oct. 16, 2009 and Oct. 15th 2010. This can be tricky, especially for the 2009 books--there were lots of great books published at the end of October, 2009, that shouldn't be overlooked. To make it easy for those nominating sff books, I have a full year's worth of new releases posts, from October 16, 2009 on (look for the beginning of October 2010 list soon).

Nominated books can be bilingual, but one of the languages must be English. Books in English published outside the United States are eligible. Books published elsewhere in other years but never nominated in the past, that have been published this Cybils year in the US, are eligible.

One last thing--multiple nominations of the same book don't help the book's chances--so please do scroll through all the nominations to make sure that you aren't duplicating someone else's nomination, so that you can put other favorites onto the lists.... I'll be keeping a running list of all the elementary and middle grade titles nominated here on my blog.

This list keeping is just one of the ways in which I extract every ounce of obsessive enjoyment from the Cybils Nominating Process. I'll be watching the nominations pages like a hawk, holding my own allotted nominating cards close to my chest until the last minute. I have already made lists of books I think should be nominated, and I will be crossing them off when they make it. I will be emailing my co-panelists about the books that pop up on our list. And, most importantly, I will be checking the Cybils website compulsively. Every five minutes or something.
I love this part almost more than the reading itself.


  1. Oh, I know: I love seeing what's been nominated. :-) And I compulsively check the site, too.

  2. It is pretty exciting, isn't it! The nomination form should prevent duplicate nominations, although it's based on ISBN so technically someone could nominate a different edition of the same book.

    I hope we get lots of nominations, too, but I'm also hoping that nominators go for quality over quantity. We want the best books, not necessarily every book published this year. A Cybils nomination should mean something!


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