My reading (and otherwise) life

A post in which I share, perhaps, too much, mainly to see if my blog feed thingy is working, which I doubt.

Number of minutes spent today fiddling with blog feed thingy, and google searching "blog feed not working": at least 60.

Number of non-library books to be read: 85. (46 in the guest room/computer room, 3 put on the proper shelf because there is no rush (they are books by British historical fiction author Hester Burton found at my local used book store, for less money than I had book store credit--yay!), 39 in various attractive clusters in various rooms downstairs).

Number of books checked out from the library: 15. (All tremendously appetizing ones...I have just started Bruiser, by Neil Shusterman)

Number of books lost somewhere in the house: 1. This vexes me to pieces, because it is Inda, by Sherwood Smith, and I had almost finished it and was really enjoying it.

Number of books waiting to be reviewed: only 2 (that are relistically going to be writen about), which isn't bad at all.

Moving away from books--

Number of panes of glass in the sunroom that need to be reglazed ere the snows of winter fall: 144.

Number of glasses of milk my children need every hour: too many. (I suppose I could make them pour their own, but a gallon of milk is a heavy thing....and I am afraid of the probable consequences). I wish they would learn to sneak their own cookies off the top of the fridge, too, but no, they ask Mama. Sigh.

Number of times I will have been to the dentist this month: 3. And it is all because my best friend Stephanie's little sister caused me to knock my front teeth out in seventh grade. I will not be reading Smile. It would be too painful.

So anyway, I hope this feeds properly to all of you kind enough to care. As the old saying goes, let me know if you don't get this. I found, in my flailings of today, that unsubscribing and resubscribing seems to work...

(oh happiness--this small post is showing up at the two place I just visited (Three Turtles and Their Pet Librarian and Finding Wonderland. Phew).


  1. I got the feed just fine in my Google Reader. Oh I do hope you find Inda soon! Such a wonderful book. It took me sometime to decide if I was going to read that series but since I ran out of Sherwood Smith YA books, I decided to go ahead with it.

  2. I can see it too. http://charlotteslibrary.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default is what I'm subscribed to. I haven't had problems..

  3. I lost a book, too. When I finish it, it will mean that I have read an entire series of books and that is a big deal for me! So, I requested it from the library. lol Eventually it will show up, but in the meantime I am excited to actually finish a series!

  4. got it! must be working for me again...I'm scared to do a count like that in my apartment!

  5. Oh, no, you LOST a Sherwood Smith book!? Aaaargh!

    Could you not buy milk in half or quarter gallons just so you don't have this constant issue?

    Incidentally, the feed is fine.

  6. Loved your post! It made me smile. All I'm worrying about are the 10 books I've read and reviewed (or not)that I don't know what to do with. Getting you fine on my Yahoo RSS feed.

  7. Thanks for letting me know you can see me!

    And happily, I found Inda. It was next to my bed, where I never think to look, because usually I'm so tired I go straight to sleep!

  8. And it is true I could by smaller size milks. But my thrifty soul rebels...and, since the day they were born, I have been caught in the hideous trap of gratifying their wishes as quickly as possible, just to keep them quiet (so I can read/blog/glaze windows). It appears to backfire in the long run...

  9. I don't know anything about blog feeders and readers, what with being utterly hopeless and all. Gallons of milk sounds very exotic. Because gallons sounds a bit like galleons maybe and because we only have litres (usually 2 litres, does that equal a gallon?).

    You have lots of windows.

  10. I don't really understand RSS feeds either. But I enjoyed your post and love the fact that you like Hester Burton and hurray for you for your coup of all those books of hers.

  11. We have around 70 windows--those whacy late Victorians/Edwardians just couldn't help themslves....

    I'm especially pleased, Alex, to have gotten The Great Gale which has been on my wants list for ages!

  12. Don't worry, I am sure they will figure out about stealing cookies soon enough. I think I was about eight or nine before I felt lawless enough to steal cookies, but after that I was stealing ten a day until supplies ran out. :p

  13. Ah, Charlotte. I love it when you give us an insight into your life. And your bookish organizing system always makes me smile.

    Here's to being the milk-pourer (inconvenient as it is) for a few more years, yet. :-D


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