Help wanted (but not actually expected) with deciphering a title on my t.b.r. list....(sigh)

It is time again for me to transcribe my main to be read list, shown here:

As you can see, it is getting messy.

But I have hit a problem. There is a title that I cannot decipher:

It looks like The Cumlity to me, but that can't be right, and it's driving me nuts.

There's a chance it could be C....dity. But the "ity" part I'm pretty sure of. Unless--could this be the breakthrough I need? it' s C....lits. The Cromlits? The Cronelits?

This particular list is mostly books mentioned on other blogs, so if you by any chance reviewed a book beginning with C and ending (possibly) with -lity, could you let me know? Thanks.


  1. AARRGGHH! I love this kind of puzzle, but I'm at work and can't focus on it. Oh, why am I not independently wealthy?! Well, good luck, and I'll try at lunchtime if it hasn't already been solved. :)

  2. I was just about to let my protagonist have a break and, maybe, get laid when this book jumped into my head - Causality

  3. www.goodreads.com

    Go there. Use it. You'll never have to decipher your own writing again! :)

  4. I am sure, Gwendolyn, that it will never be solved....

    Thanks for trying, Gary, and Causality sounds like a good book, but sadly, that's not it. There's definitly a "The."

    I've tried Goodreads, Alison, but paper is so nice for having on hand while zipping through google reader as fast as possible, and for getting books on inter-library loan, and just for staring at and wondering "what is that book, and why did I want it?", instead of having to move back and forth.

    Also, I like the element of danger! Although this is the only title that has truly defeated me in my years of list keeping...

  5. Are you sure it's "ity" at the end? It kind of looks like "ins" to me. And there's an m, I think. But for the life of me, I can't find a title that begins with c that has those other letters in it. It's probably SFF, yes?

  6. Could it be an -ing? The Crumbling? The Grumblies?

  7. - lies, is what it looks like to me. Either the Curious or the Curlies?

    My dear girl. I see why you don't write me letters except on your computer. ;)

    Well, that, and you generally have nothing to say to me. ::sob::

  8. Okay, this has turned into a little game, at our house.

    Tech Boy thinks it's a book about Curling. The sport.

    I think it might just be The Clearing? SFF, sixteen-year-old protag, though. Not MG... Hm. Back to the drawing board.

  9. Nope, it definitly is an -lity, I think....

    And it's almost certainly not a mg sff book, because the books I tend to write down are the ones that I might forget I want to read. So it could, although it isn't, be a book about Curling...

    I'm beginning to accept that I may Never Know.

  10. Are you sure it's the title of a book? Underneath you have something that looks like Brain Candy and there's a book review site by that name. Just a thought.

  11. Brain Candy is actually this book -- http://www.amazon.com/Brain-Candy-Science-Paradoxes-Puzzles/dp/0307588033/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1288208124&sr=8-1, which I think looks fun.

    But thanks for the thought!

  12. And I've realized it could actually be ending in ...lits. Does any real word/family name end in "lits" ???

  13. I checked titlewave for things that begin with cru cri cu, etc. to no avail. A hundred pieces of paper through the wash later, this is why my TBR is on Titlewave. I can always look it up on the computer in the library. I think it loks like Crumblies... good luck!

  14. Thanks for trying, Ms. Yingling! I think it is hopeless....and probably it is a brilliant book, which would have made me, and possibly the world, better...

  15. I'm sorry I can't help you but I'm laughing at the same time because I do this too. Except mine are written on post it notes I tack all over my desk. Even my two year old knows not to touch those post its. I also sometimes have difficulty deciphering what I write. I feel your pain but what that word might be eludes me.

  16. Maybe it's The Countess by Lynsay Sands?

    I also have a "to be read" list. Mine is on a small legal pad, and I write in pencil and when I finish a page, I use packing tape to cover the page once there is no space left on either side. Yes I am weird. Then I make a check-mark with permanent marker when I finish the book.

  17. this reminds me of a professor I had who presented all his classes with samples of Elizabethan handwriting, from actual letters or documents. We SLAVED over that assignment! We went crazy! Finally, shaking with trepidation, we convened and shared our translations...and watched in horror as the professor cheerfully updated his private research into the deciphering of the various letters and documents and told us not to worry about the parts we'd missed, the next class he taught might get them. We thought it was an important part of our grade - not the guy's hobby!

    I have no idea. Makes me think of Curtis, but I don't know what that would be. I set my LibraryThing account so everything I add automatically goes into my To Read collection, then I periodically clean it out.

  18. I keep my book list on the computer, which means my life is sadly lacking in drama of the code-deciphering sort!

    I do think the last letter looks like an -s, or how about a 5?

  19. I thought it was The Crunchies, which doesn't seem to be a book. However, glad to see someone else's handwriting is as bad as mine.

  20. Thanks for guessing, but no luck...



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