The 2011 Debut Author Challenge!

I just had a lovely time going through the list that Kristi (aka The Story Siren) assembled of the Debut Authors of 2011, so as to sign up for the D.A. of 2011 Challenge! Here the 12 books I'm challenging myself to read. Two, Warped and Timeless, I want rather badly for Timeslip Tuesday reviewing purposes. One, The Latte Rebellion, is by a friend (Hi Sarah! Congratulations!), and the rest all sound just plain fabulous (check out the description of Cabinet of Earths, the last one, in particular). If I had time, I'd include all the covers, but I don't, so I am just showing two. The first two because I find them interesting--at first glance they looked utterly lovely to, but the more I look at them, the more, um, disturbing they become (is that neck really that long, or is it just an illusion?). The third because I really want to know if I am the only one who looks at it and sees two pink fish/aliens kissing with strangely elongated lips and weirdly wispy fins (obviously, once I blink a few times I see the humans about to kiss. But the pink fish is my default).

Maurissa Guibord -- Warped
Sarah Jamila Stevenson -- The Latte Rebellion
Alexandra Monir -- Timeless
Eilis O'Neal -- The False Princess
Beth Revis -- Across the Universe
Cameron Stracher -- The Water Wars
Elsbeth Edgar -- The Visconti House
Stephanie Burgis -- Kat, Incorrigible
Dawn Metcalf-- Luminous
Melanie Welsh -- Mistress of the Storm
Nick James -- Skyship Academy
Anne Nesbet -- The Cabinet of Earths


  1. Great list. I think you should add Possession by Elana Johnson to the list. It's a sci-fi book about a girl who lives in a world filled with rules and she gets herself in trouble breaking them and then finds out clues to her sister's death. It's YA and I bet a lot of kids are going to like it. I'm also anxious to read Beth Revis' book. I won't formally be part of the challenge since I don't have a blog but I'm going to do it on my own.

  2. Posession sounds like a good one too-thanks.

    If you had a blog, Natalie, I would read it!

  3. thanks so much for joining the challenge! i think it's going to be a lot of fun! and you've got a great list it titles! happy reading and good luck!

  4. Thanks Charlotte. I'll let you know when it fits with my life. Someday it will.

  5. you have a fab selection of books picked out!! I found you through the story siren's website and am now a new follower. Good luck with the challenge.


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