Exiting news for D.E. Stevenson fans--two novels found in attic to be published this spring!

I am a D.E. Stevenson fan--her mid 20th-century family/light romance stories are perfect comfort reading for me. She died in 1973, so when I heard this morning that TWO UNPUBLISHED BOOKS were found in a family member's attic, and will be published this spring, I was more than somewhat pleased:

From the publisher's website:

"Greyladies are extremely excited to announce the launch in May 2011 of two hitherto unpublished novels by D. E. Stevenson. Originally written in 1938, The Fair Miss Fortune is a charming light-hearted romance while Emily Dennistoun (“Truth is the Strong Thing”), also dating from the 1930s, is in the tradition of her early broader canvas family stories."

Greyladies is a small press republishing books in the following categories "Girls’ School Stories - written for adults, adult books by children’s authors, and a spot of vintage crime."


  1. I think I needed your childhood bookshelf - I've never heard of this author! Sounds like a fun one.

  2. She's Scottish--so maybe there are some of her books still in the Glasgow library system!


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