The first cookie for the Demon's Surrender

Sarah Rees Brennan has, very sweetly (maybe...or not), released the first teasing cookie (aka morsel of story) from the Demon's Surrender, the third in her series of wonderful books that began with The Demon's Lexicon.

And everyone in the comments is going on and on about Jamie and Nick, and no one but me seems to care about the horribleness that might have happened to darling Alan. Sniff.

(in the ten minutes that have past since I wrote this, three others have expressed concern for Alan, as did Tanita in the comments here. I feel better).

Edited on 11/10 to add: But now I feel more worried. SRB has just twittered this post, with the ominous hashtag #theyarerighttoworry....


  1. I'm definitely worried about Alan. :( Nick has Mae. Alan has nobody.

  2. Oh, if Alan is not okay, I will become Godzilla. At the moment there's a reason to worry about Jamie and Nick, whereas I have no concrete evidence that I need to be worrying about Alan.

    (ALAN! *huggles*)

  3. I have comfortably decided that Nick and Jamie are both acting, and so have no worries about them at all! (maybe just a few...)

    I feel now that I must go back and re-read the second book with a keener eye. Just as soon as I read the 20 library books I have checked out...

  4. I really want them to be acting, but I'm kind of freaked out that they're not*. Eeep. Five months? *cries*

    *This is exactly how I feel about Gen and his mysterious illness. Part of me goes, "Oh, of course he's acting! It's Gen! He's tricksy!" and part of me goes, "BUT WHAT IF HE IS DEATHLY ILL?"

  5. WAIT! I just read your comment on the original entry and ACK! Torturing Alan? Noooooooooo! I'm telling you, if he doesn't make it to the end of the book okay, I will become Godzilla!

  6. I know just how you feel, Maureen! He's been through so much already....

    (and I am very worried about Gen too, but there is So Long to wait to find out that one, that it isn't worth thinking about...)


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