In which my optimism proves ill founded

A week ago I thought I'd have review posts written for every day this week, because I knew I wouldn't have time to do it this week. A few days ago I thought I'd surly be able to at least blog about something meaningful....

A week ago, I thought I'd have all ten library books and the six books I have left for the Cybils read (there are more than that unread by me, but don't have access to them).

A week ago, I thought that all the books I'd ordered would have arrived by now.

Oh well. Even though these things have not happened, there is always tomorrow....when I will, I'm sure, have thousands of brilliant things to say and the time to write them up in a blog post.


  1. We all have days (or weeks) like that.

  2. I find that the pesky children want me to do ridiculous things like make Christmas cookies and feed them regular meals when I am at home during the week. Don't they understand that they should fend for themselves while I read?


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