This Sunday's round-up of middle grade sci fi/fantasy posts from around the blogs

A rather short list today...I haven't had time to do much combing. So do let me know if there are posts I missed!!!!

The Reviews:

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman, at Beyond Books

King of Ithaka, by Tracy Barrett, at Charlotte's Library

The Museum of Thieves, by Lian Tanner, at Charlotte's Library

Reckless, by Cornelia Funke, at Beyond Books

Scumble, by Ingrid Law, at Jean Little Library

The Search for WondLa, by Tony DiTerlizzi, at The Picnic Basket

Seven Sorcerers, by Caro King, at Beyond Books

The Time Keeper's Moon, by Joni Sensel, at Middle Grade Ninja (and Sensel is also interviewed by Middle Grade Ninja)

At Bookworming in the 21st Cenury, there's a post with short reviews of The Fairytale Detectives, by Michael Buckley, The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan, The Tale of Emily Windsnap, by Liz Kessler, and Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins

Other Good Stuff:

Grace Lin has a fascinating post at the Enchanted Inkpot on using symbols when writing multicultural fantasy.

This week's Fairytale Reflections guest at Seven Miles of Steel Thistles is Leslie Wilson.

This year's Amelia Bloomer List is out, with some fine sff (the blurbs are from the list):

Kate Coombs.
The Runaway Dragon. 2009. Princess Meg’s dragon escapes from the palace grounds. Meg and her scrappy band of friends set out to find the dragon and encounter many adventures along the way.

Eleanor Davis. The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook. 2009. When the Secret Science Alliance loses its notebook to a rival inventor, the team of science wiz kids springs into action to retrieve their notebook and protect a treasure.

Kathryn Lasky. Hawksmaid: The Untold Story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. 2010. Maid Marian uses her unusual gift of communication with her falcons to conspire with Robin Hood and their band of friends to escape her captors and rescue a ransomed king.

Jewell Parker Rhodes. Ninth Ward. 2010. When Hurricane Katrina breaks New Orleans’ levees, 12-year old Lanesha’s dreams of becoming an engineer and a builder of bridges anchor her determination to survive the flood and inspire her to rescue others as well.

Gail Simone. Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian. Illus. by Bernard Chang, Aaron Lopresti, and Matt Ryan. 2009. Wonder Woman battles the supervillain Genocide to reclaim her lasso and her power.

Jane Yolen. Foiled. Illus. by Mike Cavallaro. 2010. Ace fencer Aliera bravely takes up the mantel of the world’s defender.

And the 2011 Waterstone's Childrens Book Prize shortlist has also been announced:

Janice Hardy, The Pain Merchants (The Shifter in the US)

Candy Gourlay, Tall Story

Anna Kempe, et al. Fantastic Frankie and the Brian-drain Machine

Jobling, Curtis, Rise of the Wolf

Stead, Rebecca, When You Reach Me

Mayhew, John, Mortlock

(the blurbs for these can be found via the link above)

And finally, you can watch A Wrinkle in Time in 90 Seconds, from James Kennedy (The Order of Odd-Fish). Along with the New York Public Library, Kennedy has created the 90-Second Newbery Video Contest!


  1. I did Scumble earlier this week - unexpected I know, b/c I haven't reviewed anything but picture books since october!


  2. I saw that 90 second A Wrinkle in Time video yesterday and loved it. I especially liked the, "I'm popular, but sensitive." and the expression that went with it. Absolutely prefect.

  3. Love love your round up, have it book marked to read later.

    Did, though, go check out the vid for Wrinkle In Time...oh. my. GOSH. Favourite part?

    "But what is Telstar?"
    "You see this string and this insect."
    "Okay I get it."

    LOL! Can't wait to show it to my book club kids. Thanks for sharing the link!

  4. Thanks for the roundup! I found your blog a few days ago through the Comment Challenge and have really been enjoying it.

    Seeing The Graveyard Book on your roundup reminded me, I reviewed it on my blog back on January 2nd: http://stickeredbooks.blogspot.com/2011/01/2009-graveyard-book-by-neil-gaiman.html

  5. Great roundup. I'm hoping Janice Hardy wins the award. I love that series.

  6. Oh goodness, I did see that one, Jennifer--thanks for reminding me!

    And thank you all for stopping by!

  7. Thanks, Charlotte, for featuring our "Wrinkle in Time" video on your blog! We go back a long ways, you and me.

    Please round up your nieces / nephews / children / street urchins and make something for the film fest! "The Westing Game," anyone? Or "The View from Saturday"? It's going to be a blast!

    (And that goes for you too, @brandy-painter, and @Deb, and everyone else! Thanks for the appreciation.)


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