This week's round-up of middle grade sci fi and fantasy

Another Sunday, another round-up. (If you are new to these round-ups, here's how they work). Please let me know if I missed something either by leaving a comment or emailing me (charlotteslibrary at gmail dot com)!

The Reviews:

Behemoth, by Scott Westerfeld, at The Book Zone (for boys)

The Coming of the Dragon, by Rebecca Barnhouse, at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.

The Dragon Games (Books of Umber 2) P. W. Catanese, at Book Talk

The End of the World Club, by J & P Voelkel, at Charlotte's Library

Fairies and the Quest for Neverland, by Gail Carson Levine, at Shannon Whitney Messenger

Fever Crumb, by Philip Reeve, at Fantasy Literature

Forgive My Fins, by Tera Lynn Childs, at Small Review

The Grimm Legacy, by Polly Shulman, at Biblio File.

The Hawk and His Boy, by Christopher Bunn, at Rita's World.

The Invisible Order: Rise of the Darklings, by Paul Crilley, at Beyond Books.

The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan, at Ex Libris

The Nine Pound Hammer (The Clockwork Dark 1), by John Claude Bemis, at Middle Grade Ninja

Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings, by Hélène Boudreau, at Manga Manica Cafe and One Book at a Time

The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic, by Jennifer Trafton, at BookKids

Season of Secrets, by Sally Nicholls, at Kids Lit (possibly this isn't fantasy...but I want to read it!)

The Shadows (The Books of Elsewhere 1), by Jacqueline West, at Beyond Books.

The Thirteenth Princess, by Diane Zahler, at Madigan Reads

Trail of Fate, by Michael P. Spradlin, at Fantasy Literature

A Whole Nother Story, by Dr. Cuthbert Soup, at Wandering Librarians

The Wide-Awake Princess, by E.D. Baker, at Random Musings of a Bibliophile

Windblowne, by Stephen Messer, at Fuse #8

A two for one post at Finding Wonderland--The Magic Thief: Found, by Sarah Prineas, and Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, by R.L. LaFevers

Authors interviewed and guest posting:

Hilari Bell (most recently The Trickster's Girl, which is YA, but also the mg Goblin Gate) at The Enchanted Inkpot

John Claude Bemis (The Clockwork Dark Series) at Middle Grade Ninja.

Hélène Boudreau (Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings) at Manga Maniac Cafe.

Janice Hardy (Blue Fire, book 2 of the Healing Wars) at Cynsations

Dr. Cuthbert Soup (Another Whole Nother Story) at TC&TBC

Jennifer Trafton (The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic) at The Rabbit Room

Other Things of Interest:

The sad news this week was the passing of Dick King Smith...His book, The Sheep-Pig (1983), became Babe, one of my favorite movies ever.

This week's Fairytale Reflections guest at Seven Miles of Steel Thistles is Gillian Philip, talking about Tam Lin.

Author N.R. Williams is blog touring to promote her new book, The Treasures of Carmelidrium; the full schedule can be found here.

And finally, here is a steampunk wedding cake, found at Ciara Knight's Steampunk Saturday:


  1. Wow.Thanks for this round-up! Will be sure to check out the links and make notes for my book club kids!

  2. Great round-up. They always help me remember what books I want to read.

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    In Shadow Demon of Oz (volume 2), Jamie Diggs returns to Oz with his best friend Buddy at the command of Princess Ozma in order to battle an ancient Evil from long ago and save the citizens of Mount Hyup.
    Family of Oz (volume 3: due out Jan. 27th, 2011) completes the trilogy as Jamie Diggs, now the new Royal Magician of Oz brings his family along for a wonderful journey through the Land of Oz as he battles Cobbler the Dog and teaches Princess Ozma the true meaning of family and Love.
    Information about these wonderful books for children and the Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma, who is the author, can be found at:

  4. Thanks Deb and Natalie!

    Mr. Wallace--it's bad form to use comments on people's blogs to blatently self-promote your own books at such lenght (even a one sentence mention is pushing it, in my opinion). If you ever want to give me a link to a review from the preceeding week for an inclusion in a round-up post, that's a different matter.

  5. I would offer my sincere apologies for using what you consider to be "bad form" in posting info about my series of books.
    In my defense, I was merely responding to the first paragraph of this very posting which states "Please let me know if I missed something either by leaving a comment or emailing me (charlotteslibrary at gmail dot com)!"
    I thought that's what I was doing but it appears I was mistaken. For that, I am sorry.
    I did read the link provided in that first paragraph regarding your position on what you do and do not post and you do state that you "chose not to link to posts that seem to me to be essentially advertisements for a book, other products, or particular websites."
    Again, I point out that you mention specifically that readers may leave a comment about books you may have missed.
    I'm just a part-time teacher and self-publisher. I don't know the ins and outs of how this whole thing works. I merely try to let people know of my work, which I'm very proud of. I have recieved some very nice reviews and would be happy to provide those to you.
    The last thing I want to do is annoy people or give a bad impression.
    If you know a better way, please tell me. I'm willing to learn.
    If you don't want people to comment with book info, you should ammend you postings to reflect that. I can only react to what I read and your posting was somewhat ambigous about that.
    In the future, I will refrain from this "bad form" and endeavour to be better at this.

    Per Ardua Ad Alta!

  6. Charlotte, I want that cake!! I also want to see at least one fantasy book in the Newbery wins tomorrow, but that's another matter... :)

  7. Thanks for clarifying--I was under the impression that it's pretty clear that these round-ups are for current blog posts, and not a place where I highlight any and all middle grade sff books--that would be a gargantuan task!

    But in future, do feel free to let me know of current reviews or interviews. I do this feature every Sunday, covering blog posts (just blog posts, not author's website updates or promotional listings) from the previous week.


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