Library booksale-ing....

One might have thought, that inasmuch as I am married to an Irish piper, I spent St. Patrick's Day in a whirl of Irish music and gaiety.

Nope--it was the Friends' Preview Night of my library booksale, and since I seem unable to delegate (or indeed, even to round up potential delegatees), I basically set up the whole darn booksale myself (essentially I have moved 4000 about four times each). Which is why I didn't post anything yesterday, and why I don't have a review today! But I hope that during the afternoon stint to come there will be a period of calm in which I can get something up....

Only six more booksales to go before our Friends group has enough money to start applying for a matching grant for solar panels...I daydream a lot about those solar panels, and the money they will save....


  1. If I lived near you, I would visit your library booksale and buy as many books as I could afford.
    Solars panels are the best.
    Good luck with the book sales.
    I could hear the police and firemen pipers playing yesterday through my windows. What a wonderful sound, and how lucky to be married to a piper.

  2. Thank you, Alex!

    Happily, the Irish pipes are a lot quieter than the Highland pipes, so he can play inside...since their also require the piper to be sitting down, this is a good thing.

  3. What! You gotta round yourself up some volunteers! That is a lot of work for just one person. Good gosh.

    Of course, once you have a nice big team of volunteers, then you feel obligated to solicit local businesses for donations to host volunteer appreciation parties (or, I do, at least) and that is a whole 'nother task unto itself!

    Good luck on the booksale! Will you post pictures?

  4. Solar panels--that is such a great idea! Our city council just approved a location to build a new library & cultural center (prime location--I'm very happy about it), and I'm looking forward to being part of the Friends during the next stages of getting a new library. We're in desperate need--this town's library is half the size (or smaller) of the library in my hometown, which serviced a population a tenth of the size of my current town.

    I'm currently the prez of our Friends, but it's pretty much an interim thing. As a new mom, I'm happy to step aside and let a newly retired librarian take over at the next AGM--as long as I get to be her first call when she needs anything done.

    Last year's annual book sale though had about 20,000 books and the head librarian and I set it all up ourselves at a local hall. (Well, my husband stepped in to help for a couple hours--I was 5.5 months pregnant.) I wouldn't put out that many books in one sale again--it was pretty overwhelming.


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