BEA and me

I successfully arrived at Book Expo America yesterday afternoon, and quickly realized that there had been no point in carefully making a list of books that I hoped to find.

The main reason being that (typically) I forgot to print it out and bring it with me. But also because ARCs were pretty thin on the ground. Here are the books I came back with:

And I only saw one person I knew, right as I was going home.

However, today is a day of mad and giddy socializing-- Kidlit Blogger Lunch, Book Blogger Convention reception, and Kid Lit Drink Night (and perhaps a few more books as the exhibitors close up shop). And then tomorrow is the Book Blogger Convention, which should be fun.


  1. Aww too bad you didn't get to see other blogger friends. And you only got a few books! I hope the other events are more fun. :)

  2. I think I got a couple that were on your list (including Ravenwood) and I'm always happy to share, so just let me know if you'd like me to send anything to you!

  3. Have a wonderful time at the blogger convention. They are such warm, wonderful people.

  4. Sounds great. Have a great time at the convention.

  5. Wow, I'm amazed you got so few ARCS. I came home from ALA-Midwinter with an embarrassing bounty (much of which I gave away to other bloggers, but still). I'll be very interested to hear about the book bloggers convention there at BEA--I hope you will post about it.

  6. soooo jealous. And I'm excited you got Icefall by Kirby. Can't wait for your review.

  7. It was great to finally meet you, too, Charlotte

  8. Welcome back...and happy reading! Looking forward to thoughts on the books you've got.

    A friend of mine picked up some MG's for me (not sure what she was able to get), but will let you know and if there's something she managed to get that you wanted...I'll read and pass them on to you.

    Needless to say I am sooo excited to see what she got!!!


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