Did you know that the next two books about Fever Crumb have already been pulished in the UK?

I had no idea until just now, peacefully blog reading in the aftermath of my eight year-old's birthday party.*

They have, at least in the UK--and they are called A Web of Air, and Scrivener's Moon. Anyone know when they might be coming out in the US? I liked Fever Crumb, which I helped shortlist for last year's Cybils, lots, and I'm wondering if it's worth ordering them from over there...

*viz birthday party--the other little boys seemed to be enjoying themselves, but I am tempted to hand out a satisfaction survey next time, because I am always vaguely conscious that there is room for improvement. It would begin thus:

"We realize you have many choices in Birthday Parties, and we thank you for chosing ours..."


  1. I loved Fever Crumb, and I can't wait to get my mitts on the next few in the series. I had no idea they were out already in the UK! Nicely spotted. Upon further investigation, I have found that A Web of Air is fairly affordable from Book Depository (and free shipping!)...so when I get my next paycheck I know what I'll be spending my 'fun money' on! *grin*

  2. Oh, my WORD, I'd pay to see the faces of the parents when their kids came home from a birthday party with a satisfaction survey...

    Let me know if you need me to get books for you, although, since you're on the East Coast, it's actually not a hardship - or much of one - for you to get things shipped...

  3. I saw A Web of Air when I was in London in January; but the American editions are so much nicer I decided to wait. I miss fever, though!

  4. Hmm....I see what you mean about the UK cover not being so very appealing, but I think I actually like that style better than the US Fever Crumb! She looks too much like a strange monk for my taste.

  5. And Tanita, thanks for the offer, but with the free postage of the Book Depository, it's more a matter of time to read than money! Sigh.

  6. I think the surprising thing about the UK editions (to me, anyway) were that they didn't come with dust jackets--the image is printed directly on the hardcover, and it seemed a little flimsy somehow, as if it might not hold up to the multiple readings I hope it deserves. Also, I already have the US edition, and we must match.

    Birthday parties. I'm having one for fourteen little girls, including my own newly-minted 7 year old, on Friday. I need to take a sanity survey.

  7. I laughed at your idea of a survey but at the same time I started to nod... You know you have been a librarian to long when...


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