Cleaning the books out of the bathtub

Today I cleaned out the books that had accumulated in my bathtub. Not many people get to say this.

Not many people end up carting home 12 boxes of donations for their library's book sale, 4 boxes of which turn out to be ex-library German scholarly works from the 1950s. That book sale had a lot of books, I didn't think they'd sell, I was tired--so what better place than the downstairs bathtub? (There's another bathroom upstairs, with only one book in it; a much nicer, more salubrious bathroom).

But the books in the bathtub have been getting on my nerves, and it occured to me that if I put a plank across the tub (longways), I could have a bookshelf, which would be much tidier. So I made progress today, and moved piles of German prose et cet. into the kitchen, where there was a nice bit of floor that no one was using. (There's another library book sale coming weekend after next, and for those books that really have no future, it's recycling night in my town tomorrow).

Someday there will be a new downstairs bathroom, and the current one will go back to its original incarnation of pantry and there will be a bookshelf for every book. But until then....


  1. LOL, I haven't gotten THAT bad yet where I'm storing books in the bathtub (though that's probably only because I have just one tub).

  2. ...DITTO. What she just said. Plus we really are trying to cut down on bringing in random ones, knowing that we're due to be moving soon...!

  3. Someday I will meet someone else who keeps books in the bathtub, and then I won't feel so Alone....

  4. I love this anecdote. The image is so perfect (and now I have a new goal in life to do something just like this). :)

  5. If you ever do, Heather or Anamaria, let me know!!!


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