Update on the Spring into Summer Read-a-thon and me

The nice thing about participating in a read-a-thon, like the one I am doing currently (hosted over at Squeaky Books) is that it encourages me to read the low priority books. So yesterday evening and today I made my way through three books borrowed from the library discards, and (yay!) I get them out of house and back to the library booksale closet on Monday.

They were

Trapped on the Golden Flyer, by Susan Fleming, 1978 (boy trapped on a train stuck in snow; readable, but not as exciting a survival story as I'd hoped, so no need to rush out and get this one yourself). 123 pages

Secret of the Unicorn, by Robin Gottlieb, 1965 (utterly implausible premise of 12 year old girl never having heard of unicorns, and the believing they might be real so she can find one and use its magic to cure her father. The treasure hunt that ensues isn't bad, but isn't enough. Look for this one if you are collecting books about the Cloisters in NY, otherwise not). 115 pages

The Wee Free Men, by Terry Pratchett, 2003 (enjoyed this one, which I'd never read before, but wasn't quite as blown away by it as I had hoped. Probably because the idea of being surrounded by so many wee free men is not appealing). 263 pages

Bringing me to a grand total of 1029 pages for the read-a-thon!

And now back to my book in progress--The School of Emerys End (1944), about two English girls in WW II who enroll in their (recently deceased) great uncle's orphanage as orphans, so as to fulfil a bizarre provision of his will. This one wasn't an ex-library discard, but rather on loan from my sister, so it too can expect to move on out of the house soon.

The current mini challenge is to anagram-ize our names--Charlotte's Library becomes SCHOLARLY, BRATTIER, which isn't bad...try it yourself here

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  1. Great progress! And you're right, what 12 year old girl doesn't inherently know what unicorns are directly out of the womb?


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