Waiting on Wednesday-- The Last Dragon, by Jane Yolen

I have so many reviews waiting to be written that it makes me squeak, but alas, there hasn't been time. But here is a lovely book for Waiting on Wednesday (a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine)-- The Last Dragon, by Jane Yolen. This was just about the loveliest book I saw at Book Expo America. I looked at it in company with Pam (Mother Reader) and Anamaria (Books Together) and we created a pretty chorus of oohs and awes.

Sadly, they had no review copies, but that matters little, because I will most certainly be buying it new at any event (it just squeaks under the wire for the Cybils deadline, coming out as it does on October 4th, so it is important that it be bought and read by someone....so why not me).

The Last Dragon is a graphic novel, illustrated by Rebecca Guay. "Two hundred years ago, humans drove the dragons from the islands of May. Now, the last of the dragons rises to reak havoc anew--with only a healer's daughter and a kite-flying would-be hero standing in its way."

The story sounds just fine (but I haven't read it, so can't say much more), but the illustrations I saw, and they are lovely. The flowing lines looked to me somewhat Rackham-esque, and they are "fully painted," according to the promotional material, which means (to me) that they are beautifully colorful and lush.


  1. I think Rackham-esque decribes thos illustrations perfectly! They had such a different feel from inked comics and most graphic novels (perhaps why I liked them so much).

  2. It does sound interesting. Does it have illustrations through out the book?

  3. I agree, Anamaria--mostly I have trouble looking at the pictures in graphic novels because I'm not used to reading them, but in this one, the pictures call out to be looked at!

    And yes, Lena, the pictures are all through the book, graphic novel style!

  4. I received a digital copy of the graphic novel via NetGalley. It is as awesome as you think it is. I am struggling to put together the right words to properly review it. Yolen's superb story telling with absolutely amazing artwork- you can not go wrong!

  5. Oh good--I shall continue to anticipte this one in a happy anticipatory way!


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