ARCs as party favors, and other misc. things

So today is my boy's birthday party (I hate summer birthdays. It's so hard to get guests). Planning far in advance as is my usual wont (ha ha), I decided the night before last to give ARCs as party favors. So much better than plastic junkies and candy. A frenzy of reading ensued, 2 ARCs were read (would that I had started sooner)...and now this morning I must quickly write draft reviews of (too few) of my stash from Book Expo America. I'll be curious to see if there are multiple requests for The Medusa Plot --the first book of a follow-up series to the 39 Clues (review to come toward the end of August).

One of the guests is a girl after my own heart--a girl who's been walking into school with her nose in a book ever since first grade. She's the only girl coming, and I told her that she was welcome to just sit around and read during the party....

Moving on to other misc. things--

Today and tomorrow there's an on-line book festival at An Awfully Big Blog Adventure. There's already a Great Wealth of posts and giveaways up, with much more to come....

And then there's Kidlitcon. Held in Seattle this year....the other side of the country from me. I do so want to go--of all the bookish gatherings I've ever been to, Kidlitcon is the bestest. It is so wonderful to meet other grownups who share one's love for children's books! And it's pretty great to talk to other people who are interested in blogging too! Unlike ALA or BEA, where there are many distractions, it's these conversations that make Kidlitcon amazing.

Scott Westerfeld will be the key note speaker, by the way....

I dunno if I'll make it this year (it's so very far away....) but I haven't given up hope. All the pertinent info. can be found here

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  1. I would be thrilled if I had received books as party favours as a child... I was lucky to receive them as gifts, though...


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