The chimney sweep cometh....and the books must goeth

Although the specific composition of the book piles has changed somewhat since I took this picture, and the shelf I installed in the downstairs bathtub has taken up some of the over-flow, this is what my wood stove still looks like. Every summer I tidy up the house by piling all my to be read books up neatly on the newly available space.

But summer doesn't last forever. Tomorrow the chimney sweep comes, and soon the leaves will fall and the ice weasels will come down from the north,* and, you know, it's a bad idea to keep books on a hot wood stove.

I have a lot of reading to do tonight. I think the chimney sweep might actually want to be able to get to the chimney....

*a reference to Love is Hell, by Matt Groening-- "Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come." I reference the Ice Weasels a lot in talking about winter with my children.


  1. Heee! The Ice Weasels are indeed coming; it's freezing here - okay, not literally, but the temps have dropped to the fifties from their brief foray into the sixties - and I am no longer a believer in summer, if I ever was.

    Girlchild, you need more bookshelves.

  2. a dedicated tbr bookshelf would be nice...

  3. That picture is like my dream come true. *drool*

  4. No Alison, it is a nightmare!!!!! 20 books is a dream, 200 is too many....

  5. One time I was cleaning my apartment and I had so many books I wanted to cry. I was finally able to find a lot of those books homes.

    I managed my book corner yesterday it looks pretty good.

    I hid two boxes of books I'd love to donate in the closet. It's so hard to find places to donate ARCs I would hate to throw all of them out.

    Finished copies go to the library.

  6. 200 books can really be a headache but imagine how much knowledge you've already accumulated from them:-)


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