Goodbye, Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey has died, at the age of 85. I am teary eyed.

Menolly and the Harper Crafthall played a huge role in shaping my young mind, and to this day, whenever I sing I remember this bit from Dragonsinger:

"She had a brief notion of showing him that he wasn't the only one who cold fill the hall with resounding tones, but some fragment of advice from Petiron came to mind, and she concentrated on singing intensely, rather than loudly."

And whenever my sister and I play our four hand piano duets, almost inevitably one of us will invoke Menolly, who doubtless never forgot to check the key signature...unlike some of us.

When Anne McCaffery was at her best, as she was with Dragonsinger, she wrote books to treasure for a lifetime, or at least to treasure until they fell apart from constant re-reading....



  1. Oh, I had not heard this sad news. I was a huge fan of the Dragon Riders of Pern in my late teens/early 20s--especially loved Menolly and the Harper Hall trilogy. Now I want to reread them.

  2. Oh no! I was a big fan in my teens--Menolly and the Harper Hall trilogy were big favorites of mine, too. Very sad news.

  3. Charlotte, thanks for posting this. I had not heard the news either. Her writing has been a huge part of my life for 30+ years. I also have a tear in my eye.

  4. Oh no! All through my teens she was a favorite author. The Dragon books were pure magic then, books full of wonder and adventure.

  5. Oh - thus ends an era.

    I loved Anne McCaffrey and tried to reread some of the adult novels she'd written - which very much showed their age. A different world back then.

    The Ship That Sang will always be my favorite of her work - her science fiction stuff was unparalleled in a time when women in SF were complete reviled and ignored. As I see just how much fantasy we have nowadays, I find myself longing for someone else to really strongly take up the standard on really epic female-centric science fiction... and then I remember Tankborn and smile.

    The genre is still in good hands.

  6. So sad! I had a similar experience growing up, reading Dragonsong and Dragonsinger over and over until they imprinted themselves on my mind. I will always be thankful for her wonderful books!

  7. I was teary too at the news. Like you, the music was my favorite element of the books.

  8. Her musical books were definitely favorites, from Dragonsong to Crystal Singer and The Ship Who Sang. I have been very sad at her passing.


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