Greetings from exit 8 of the NJ turnpike

I am writing from the Hampton Inn, off exit 8 of the NJ turnpike. We like this hotel because guests are greated with origami towels--this time it was a peacock. We moved it to the top of the tv, where it became a dead peacock (the neck sagging forward off the edge), but still a nice touch. I'm headed home, and looking forward, after the wild festive gaiety of Christmas at grandma's, to peaceful unpacking of presents and catching up on blog reading and the looming backlog of reviews I need to write (strangely, large intervals of peaceful time in which to write reviews was lacking at grandma's, although I did get lots of books read).

My Cybils work is done, just about--us mg sff panelists have had our chat, and come up with a gem of a list (I hope you all approve of our choices!). The announcement of the shortlisted books will be made on the first of January.

And now I go off to get more hotel coffee...and rouse my family for the last desperate charge northward....


  1. Okay, I thought I had it tough having to get up at midnight to do this - you had to do your chat from the road???

    I think we came up with a good list, too - some really deep gouges, shrieks, and some bloodshed, but in the end we pulled it off... in under four hours. Which is a record, for YA SFF.

  2. Hey! Thanks for all your hard work on Cybils!! Looking forward to seeing the list.

    Enjoy the vaca.

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Oh goodness, Tanita--we'd done our shortlisting the day before! And it was a very painless hour...with little shrieking!

  5. Is this the first time going to VA but not to your childhood home? I hope not a sad visit.

  6. Yes, it was the first Christmas in the new little townhouse...but all the old furniture and pictures were there, and the same piano and carol singing and cookies, and so it wasn't too strange! Thanks for remebering!


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