"I'm busy reading"

I was tickled just now to see that the most recent google search that led to my blog was someone typing in: "I'm busy reading." I'm the fourth result that comes up.

And it's true--I am busy reading. I have almost finished reading all the books I can get a hold of that have been nominated for the Cybils in my category of middle grade science fiction/fantasy (131 of them), but the problem with having read lots of them starting way back last October means I have to go back and read a number of them again--we are about to enter the difficult Winnowing of the Shortlists period, when the (many) books beloved to various of the seven of us panelists have to be shaken down to seven....

And then there's the small issue of Christmas presents. Not this year's, but the books I got for Christmas last year that I still haven't read. The sadness of this is a Heavy Weight on my spirit; however, since these are books that I'm still looking forward to very much, it's not as bad as it could be....

And then there's the small issue of wanting to use the down stairs bathtub (not salubrious enough to be used for bathing, at this point in our home restoration) for the storage of kindling. At the moment, it's storage for unread books.

And then there's the problem with the round table in the window of the living room, whereon many unread books are (naturally--it's a flat surface) piled. Our Christmas tree goes on that table, and soon the books, like mice in a hay field being mown, must scatter, and find new homes....preferably after being read.

So yes, indeed, I'm busy reading!


  1. wow. way to go on the reading. and say...your house sounds like mine, with one exception. our tub is up and running (corner jacuzzi) renos are still on going (in an old church) but I have my tub! bookshelves for the new office area should be done by the end of the weekend...

    happy first weekend of december and happy keeping busy with the readin'!

  2. It's great if you are busy reading, because in my opinion, it's wonderful to lecture some interesting books! I also love to do this thing, because it's relaxing me! I must say that I received an ebook reader and I love it! It's much more comfy to walk with it in your bag! Also, I downloaded some great ebooks from all you can books and I will read them on my Christmas holiday! I can't wait till then :D

  3. When you google "mom sadism", by blog comes up as #4 - used to be #3. I found that...hilarious!


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