Learning geography via Google Analytics, with bonus Hedgehog Fun!

There will be hedgehogs! But first....

My sons and I enjoy the map feature of google analytics lots. It allows you to zoom in on a particular country, and see every municipality where visitors have come from. We pick towns that sound interesting, find images of them, and then decide if we want to visit. Thank you, International Visitors, for helping us learn about where you live!

For instance, the coastline around Simferopol in the Ukraine (2 visitors in the last month) looks like it would be fun to explore:

As does the countryside around Guwahati, India (1 visitor):

The boys have decided that Elk, in Poland (1 visitor), would be a peaceful place to go:

And our trip to Romania will include a stop in Suceava (2 visitors) to see this castle:

(The hedgehogs are coming!)

In visiting Romania, I found something I'd like to see even more than the castle. While looking for pictures of Oradea, we came across these very very cute pictures of baby hedgehogs:Hedgehog lust!

Which in turn leads to this fun bit of hedgehog-ness found at Once Upon a Blog, a "Hans My Hedgehog" story poster by Yael Albert:

Although this hedgehog is not all that cute.Which finally leads to a book, making it all on topic:

Hans, My Hedgehog
, by my blogging friend Kate Coombs, is released tomorrow! Congratulations, Kate! Here's Kate talking about how the book came to be at The Enchanged Inkpot.


  1. Those baby hedgehogs are just too cute! Their little ears, and their little eyes, and their little noses, and their tiny feet... It's overload, I tell you. Cuteness overload.

    Have you seen this hedgehog t-shirt? I want one, but I don't think I could wear it without laughing every time I looked down.

  2. Hedgehogs!!!
    I saw Hans the Hedgehog in the store, looks like a fun book.

  3. Guwahati, India, and Hans, all in one post--killer cool! Thanks, Charlotte. And the baby hedgehog is adorable!

  4. What a gorgeous little guy! One can never have too much hedgehog cuteness. :)


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