Just a few hours left of Team Heifer--and P. Rothfuss has done something very brave that should be rewarded

Patrick Rothfuss has organized an utterly stunning fundraiser of awesome for Heifer International--every donation of ten dollars made through this page is an entry into a world of fabulous prizes.

I donated back in December. But today I donated again, because Patrick Rothfuss did something really, really, really brave and beautifully grown-up.

In this blog post, he describes how he'd carefully planned to share, as part of his fundraising promotion-ness, a video of himself, reading the story of Beatrice's Goat, to his son, Little Oot. But then he watched the final take. And was appalled. And, as he put it, he sissied out.

But today, the last day of the fundraiser, he did something that is just an utterly excellent example to all of us who stay quite because we are afraid of embarrassing ourselves. He posted the video. And it is just fine, and Oot is a darling child.

So I threw in another bit of money, and maybe enough other people will too, before it all ends at midnight CST, today, February 7th, to push this fundraiser over the $300,000 mark. The prizes really are awesome, and Heifer does great things!!!!!

Here's the page again

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  1. Oh, Patrick Rothfuss is far too cute, as is his Oot. Also: his beard. He rocks that beard. It's like a third character in the video, it is that cool.


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