Literary tarot decks--what books would make the best cards?

So Edward Gorey's Fantod tarot deck popped up in my blog reading here and there....which I own (I collect Gorey, in a mild way)

which then led me to dig out my husband's Alice in Wonderland deck (he collects Alice, also in a mild way),

and that in turn led to a conversation with my sister, who was the one who gave them to us (on separate occasions), about which other books would make good tarot decks.

Harry Potter is the obvious candidate (and I'm not the first to think so), so I set to work at once. Here's my first card, based on the classic Rider Waite picture, shown at left.:

The Lord of the Rings would also make a nice deck....and possibly Dragonriders of Pern....What do you think?


  1. I don't know about a book, per se, but I think a Jon Klassen-illustrated deck would make my heart flutter. LOVE his illustrations (I Want My Hat Back, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place books).

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  2. With all the steampunk love going on how about something Jules Verne inspired? (Maybe not one book but several). And I can't but think Moby Dick was perfect for a deck (all those archtypes!)

  3. Hah! Collectors, "in a mild way." I shall see what mildly collectible things there are in my own life...

    I'm with Colleen. Something with gears. Although, I do think all of the various types of dragons from Pern would work...

  4. This reminds me of a fantasy book (for adults) called Sepulchre I read last year, in which tarot cards play a prominent role. http://amzn.to/I62Fif I'd prefer any of these to that one I think though!

  5. A lord of the rings tarot card set... wow that would be awesome..... :)

  6. This site is true discovery, very nice work, visit us in Croatia:)

  7. Love this! I have a LOTR tarot deck but the artwork leaves a lot to be desired. Tarot cards make the best bookmarks.

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  9. Thanks for sharing. Always love reviews and articles on tarot. Love that there are so many to choose from as well, they all speak in their own language.


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