My BEA books, and 2 other nice things that came home recently

So the sad remains of my 48 hour book challenge stack have been cleared away, and now I can use the wood stove as a handy place for my BEA books! Here they are, in all their glory, minus The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which I read on the train home and have already passed on the library:

Thank you, publishers--I look forward to reading them!

And just because I feel like sharing, here are two things that came home at the end of school that pleased me very much.

My eleven year old has his first published comic strip in the school literary magazine. By way of explanation, about a year ago he started drawing a strip called "Castaway Blobs!"-- the story of two blobs adrift in a boat. The other three of us joined in the fun, and we have a nice little collection of Castaway Blobs...Here's the basic image, as drawn by me: For the literary magazine, my son drew on the computer, so some of the charm is lost...but it still tickled me:

My younger son's portfolio of school work included many nice bits of writing, but what struck me most was his response to the following assignment: write as short a piece of fiction as you can that combines the themes of "war" and "friendship."

"Jack? He's, he's...dead."

Pretty darn good use of an ellipsis for an eight year old, if you ask me.

So there you go....

(there are many more Castaway Blobs! in the world, and I could share them if there was interest....)

(and just so as to guard my son's rights: Castaway Blobs! is copyrighted and may not be used without the permission its creator, B.H.)


  1. Great BEA haul! And you got The Passage! I haven't read that one yet, so kudos!

    The blob cartoons are too cute, so would definitely be interested in seeing more! And your 8 year old did a great job with his assignment! You must be really proud of him! :)

    1. Thanks Alexia!

      It's interesting to see how different everyone's BEA piles are...We all were at the same place, but came home with so many different books!

  2. BEA sounds so awesome. Wish I could have gone. I would love a haul of books I want. Sigh. But glad you all got them.

  3. You have brilliant children. And a pretty stack of BEA books! Crewel...could that be a textile fantasy?

  4. I loved The Name of the Star and Horton HalfPott, thanks for sharing.

  5. I see several books in that stack that I want to read!

    Castaway Blobs! is adorable.

  6. B did an AMAZING job. Maybe he can get one of those computer pad draw-y thingies so he can freehand draw his blobs again. Those are way too cute. Tech Boy also would like to see more.

    Also?? The award for short fiction goes to... M! You really do have brilliant children. Oh, and very nice books, too.

  7. Thank you. We will try to get more Castaway Blobs! ready for publiction...

  8. You got some great books at BEA! I received some of the same ones and look forward to reading them. :)

    It was great to meet you! :)

    -Melissa Buell

  9. Keep encouraging those young geniuses! =D


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