I've labeled my dragon book posts--and they are few in number. I ask why, and don't come up with an answer.

I just went through all 1927 of my posts to label ones about dragons as "dragons." So if anyone wants some nice dragon books (and there are some good ones!) they can be found. But there are only 33 of them...which seems wrong (on many, many counts), though that being said, some of the posts are lists.

But still, I wonder-- have I been avoiding dragons???? I know I tend to avoid mermaids and vampires and zombies (though there are good books about all three)...but I thought I liked dragons.


  1. How do we find them? Do you have a link? Hope you included The Rock of Ivanore. Some pretty mean dragons in there. :)

  2. Yep, if you click on "dragons" it will take you there...I haven't reviewed Rock of Ivanore yet...but hopefully will soon.

  3. Did you hit the Patricia Wrede series, Dealing with Dragons, or the Ann Downer Hatching Magic? THere's the Dugald Steer companions to the Dragonology book, and Wilson's The Dragon's Tooth is very new. I think there just aren't as many dragon books as we think there are!

  4. Have you tried Susan Fletcher's Dragon Chronicles?

  5. I admit I have a bias against dragons.


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