Castaway Blobs! Number 4

Because time has been short, I have no review today. Instead, I offer another episode of Castaway Blobs!, a cartoon series that started life in the mind of my 12 year old, and became a family project. Today's episode is based on one of my husband's ideas; he feels his original version was better, but since we can't find it, here's my adaptation of it (sorry Patrick). Click to enlarge...


  1. HAH!
    I love that a.) this is about blobs, and has been going on for ages, and b.) that it's about blobs, which are the most easily drawn thing on earth and, c.) Patrick STILL ARGUES HIS BLOBS ARE BETTER. That makes me giggle. (Okay, I know he probably meant the way he did the punchline. But, still!!!)

    1. It's actually harder than you think to draw a good blob.........you have to get the eyes just right.


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