24 Hour Readathon minichallenge--a great way to directly celebrate the reading child

My actual reading for the readathon doesn't go all that well--2 books finished, 1 short story finished (about which more later), and 2 books each half done...

But there's a mini challenge going on right now that I can take part in wholeheartedly! Celebrate the Reading Child, at joystory, asks bloggers to do something celebratory and reading child related-ish...


I just went to the Fall Book Fair for Ballou, a high school in D.C. where the library is pitifully bare of books, and bought Vessel, by Sarah Beth Durst (which I'd like to buy for myself one of these days....it sounds super amazing, and is that a beautiful cover or what).

If you'd like to help book hungry teens celebrate reading, here's the information at the blog behind the book fair, Guys Lit Wire


  1. what a wonderful cause! thanx for the link and bringing Guys Lit Wire to my attention. just knowing people like them (and you who bought one book for the kids) exist keeps the flame of hope flickering just a bit brighter

    thanx for participating in The Literacy Challenge

    that cover DOES look awesome.

  2. Yay for Bayou High School! I think you're doing pretty well during the read-a-thon! I've just finished my first read, How Children Succeed by Paul Tough. Now I think I'll read some picture books before moving on to Neil Gaiman's Stardust. Happy reading!

  3. Congrats. You are one of the winners. Come by and choose your bookmark. Any except the black one already taken. I'll shoot you an email too


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