My stop on Penguin's Halloween Tour of fun and prizes, starring Undead Ed!

I'm thrilled to be part of Penguin Young Readers Halloween blog tour of awesome! At participating blogs, you'll find a variety of fun books highlighted, each with a costume idea, and each with a giveaway of the books being featured! My book is:

Undead Ed by Rottertly Ghoulstone
"When Ed Bagley wakes up in a yucky sewer --and discovers he's a zombie-- things can't get any weirder! That is, until his evil arm scurries off his shoulder and into the town of Mortlake to cause all sorts of trouble.

Un-armed and dangerous, Ed teams up with his werewolf buddy Max Moon to track down his rogue limb and save Mortlake from the evil at the center of it all.

This formerly unlucky kid is out to prove he really is all guts! But when he's faced with gross ghouls, wormy wraiths, freaky fat babies, and some seriously sinister clowns, will Ed and his undead friends have enough skin on their bones to save the day? Or will this arm-y prove too tough to hand-le?

Hilariously illustrated zombie antics make this the perfect next book for fans of Zombiekins!"

The Costume:

If you you want to take Undead Ed as your inspiration, and zombie it up, here are some ideas:
  1. Grab an old t-shirt and pants and use a pair of scissors to create tears and frayed edges.
  2. Use some black, white and brown make-up (either bought at your local halloween store or even borrowed from mom!) to hightlight your cheekbones and give you that zombie paleness. You can even use some red lipstick to create gashes and blood stains!
  3. Make sure to practice your zombie moan before heading out the door! (I've also noticed my own young zombies shambling around muttering Brains!  Brains!)
  4. This next one is my very own idea, inspired by Undead Ed's arm--cut the sleeve of an old shirt.  Sew an old mitten or glove on one end, with some bent clothes hanger tucked in the finger area, so that it can serve as a bag holder (until your bag gets too heavy).  Put a stick, or something else straight and rigid in your sleeve (make sure it's a bit longer than the sleeve), then stuff it.   Use food color to dye some cotton balls red.  Sew up the end of the sleeve (with the stick poking out), and allow the red cotton balls to kind of ooze out of your seam.  Then you can keep one arm hidden inside your shirt, and hold your detached arm, using it to offer your bag to whoever answers the door!  When your bag gets to heavy for your undead arm, simply carry it in your concealed hand...
Purchase Undead Ed here!
Barnes and Noble IndieBound

Blog Tour Schedule 

Mon 10.22 MundieKids  IN A GLASS GRIMMLY 
Tues 10.23 Green Bean Teen Queen GUSTAV GLOOM 
Thurs 10.25 Shelf Elf  CHRONICLES OF EGG 
Fri 10.26 Bookalicious  CREATURE FROM THE 7TH GRADE
Mon 10.29 Book Chic WEREWORLD 
Tues 10.30 Books Together BOOKS OF ELSEWHERE 

And now, the Giveaway--one lucky commentator will win all the books featured!  Just leave  comment with enough info. to allow me to get in touch, by the stroke of midnight on Halloween! (which is to say, 11:59 EST, Oct. 31).  DEADLINE EXTENDED till Friday, 11: 59 EST

Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk, by Curtis Jobling 

In a Glass Grimmly, by Adam Gidwitz
The Creature from the 7th Grade, by Bob Balaban
Books of Elsewhere, by Jacqueline West Gustav Gloom and the People Takers, by Adam-Troy Castro
Undead Ed, by Rotterly Ghoulstone Deadweather and Sunrise: Chronicles of Egg, by Geoff Rodkey


  1. I'd love to be entered! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

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  2. Cute book, I mean scary really creepy book :) please enter me in giveaway.
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  5. This looks like such fun! These are terrific giveaways, thanks for the offer!


  6. That looks like a creepy book and all the others look great too! Thanks for the giveaway : )

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  7. Oh wow, thank you for featuring this book and for the giveaway! Happy All Hallow's Read :)

  8. Cute cover! All the books sound so good!


  9. A zombie missing an arm would make a pretty sweet costume, I must say.

  10. *cheers*

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  12. This is a fun giveaway. My students would enjoy all of these I think.


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  13. These are the kinds of books my boys in the alternative school setting enjoy. I would love to win these books for my classroom!

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