Waiting on Wednesday--The Watcher in the Shadows, by Chris Moriarty

Way back in October of 2011, I reviewed The Inquititor's Apprentice, by Chris Moriarty (that's the more kid-friendly paperback cover shown at right).  It's a mystery set in a late 19th century New York in which there is magic, and tells of how two kids are recruited by the branch of the NYPD whose job is to solve magical crimes.

I adored Inspector Wolf, the inquisitor of the title.  As I said in my review,. he "reminded me a bit of Lord Peter Whimsey, crossed with Howl, with a dash of Eugenides, mainly because he is very, very good at not revealing all that is going on inside his brilliant mind."  I cannot wait to meet him again in the forthcoming sequel!

The Watcher in the Shadows comes out from Harcourt Children's Books on May 28, 2013.
"At the turn of the twentieth century, New York’s Bowery District becomes the scene of a terrible murder when the Klezmer King gets fried to a crisp by his Electric Tuxedo—on stage! The Inquisitor’s apprentice, thirteen-year-old Sacha Kessler, tries to help find the killer, but the closer he gets to solving the crime, the more it sounds as if the creature that haunted him in his first adventure is back. Worse still, his own Jewish family is in danger. Sacha has avoided learning magic until now, but as his world falls apart around him, he changes his mind."

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.


  1. Yep, I read The Inquisitor's Apprentice because of that descriptor you wrote of Wolf. And loved it of course. This is one I'm really looking forward to as well.

  2. Your blog is one of the reasons my TBR pile never gets any smaller.

    1. Before blogging, I didn't know what "tbr pile" meant.....

  3. Neither did I, nor was it ever at the size it's grown to now!


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