me reading grown up fantasy

I am still busily doing this thing of reading fantasy books written for grown-ups, although the nice little run I had of actually writing review of them every Sunday night has hit a snag.  Last week's book is going to show up on Tuesday, because it involves time travel, and this week's book, Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett, has only now been finished and it was great fun to read but I feel unable to comment any more cogently than that at the present time.

And just by way of note--I've changed my comment setting, because I was getting inundated with anon. spam junk, so it's now set to "registered user", and though I will probably lose the comments from kids doing book reports (things like "can you tell me the point of this book?"), I hope I don't lose anything more than that....


  1. There must be a run on spam, I also had to change my comment settings yesterday for the same reason.

  2. I had to switch mine to "approve comments" because--yes. Lots of Anonymous people telling me how much this or that post helped their undisclosed "research" and would I like to click on the link in their comment?

    Also, my stat count has more than doubled, which I find singularly suspicious in a week wherein I wrote nothing. Kind of depressing to find that suspicious.


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