In the mail to me--Binny for Short, by Hilary McKay

I am glad I have a sister who asks me to buy her books for her birthday that I want to read,* in this case a new Hilary McKay book (!!!!)  that sounds lovely as all get out, Binny for Short.

From Goodreads:

"When she was eight, Binny’s life was perfect: She had her father’s wonderful stories and Max, the best dog ever. But after her father’s sudden death, money is tight, and Aunty Violet decides to give Max away—he is just too big for their cramped new life. Binny knows she can’t get her dad back, but she never stops missing Max, or trying to find him. Then, when she’s eleven, everything changes again.

Aunty Violet has died, and left Binny and her family an old house in a seaside town. Binny is faced with a new crush, a new frenemy, and…a ghost? It seems Aunty Violet may not have completely departed. It’s odd being haunted by her aunt, but there is also the warmth of a busy and loving mother, a musical older sister, and a hilarious little brother, who is busy with his experiments. And his wetsuit. And his chickens."

I love love love McKay's books, both the Exiles series and the Casson family books, and this sounds like more of the same sort of goodness!  

It's out already in the UK, and that cover is nicer than the forthcoming US one, shown at right, which puts me in mind of a record album from the 1970s), so I just ordered it through The Book Depository (and if you order it through that link, I get a commission, and buy my sister a birthday present again next year.  I am always thinking of others.......)

*I am also glad I have my other sister too, and I have been known to buy her books as well.  Just not ones that make me squee.


  1. I like both covers, but the UK one is better.

  2. Hmmm. Not sure of this or the ghost time travel. It's the colors in Binny that make it seem 70s. I think I had a granny dress that incorporated all of them! And Itch could be considered science fiction enough, I think, although it is a close call.

  3. Oh the UK cover is way way prettier than the US one, you are correct. I'm very excited about this! Hilary McKay is so wonderful!

    1. It should be here any day...so exciting...


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