Can you identify the Cover Mothers of middle grade sci fi/fantasy? A short (because there aren't many) quiz.

My own Mother's Day fun is that I get to stay home with the kids and my husband's sister while my husband is off doing his Irish Music thing in New York.  Happily, I like my children and sister-in-law more than I like New York, so that's fine.

But none the less,  in an effort to Take Part in the national celebration, and perhaps even Contribute, I offer this short quiz.

It's a truism that mothers don't play an active role in middle grade fantasy and science fiction--mostly they are shown either not noticing their kids are gone/replaced by aliens etc.,  too busy with their own lives/too critical of their children to have a clue, or, occasionally, sad their children aren't there any more.   But there are exceptions.  The four mothers (one a stepmother, one a ghost) shown below are all made it (more or less) on to the covers.   Do you recognize them?  (Hint:  2 are from 2012, one is from 2011, and one is from 2009).   I've put the answers at the end.

I'm pretty sure this shows both father (left) and mother (right), because of them having breakfast together as a family, even though the "mother" looks about 10....

And finally, I'm not quite sure which of these is the mother of the main character (though if pressed, I'd say the last one), but in any event, they are all mothers...

If you can think of any other mothers shown on mg sff covers, do share!

Answers  (highlight to see):  Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again, by Frank Cotrell Boyce, Fairest of All, by Serena Valentino, Spellbinder, by Helen Stringer, and A Greyhound of a Girl, by Roddy Doyle.

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