48 Hour Book Challenge updates--Saturday

8:41 pm update: read and listened for five more hours between 1 and now... my body betrayed me and demanded a nap.  Pathetic. 

Drove 10 year old to birthday party listening to Hat Full of Sky, his first Pratchett.  His enjoyment was gratifying.  I'm now about to start disc 4 of 7.

Read two more books  Crocuses Were Over, Hitler Was Dead, an older UK time travel story, and The Summer Prince; will be reviewing both of these later.


Up with the larks (not that there are any hereabouts) at 5:30, ready for more reading...It is cold and rainy here in southern New England.  A good day for reading with a warm blanky.   But there was a saddness--no tasty food.  For some reason I though my husband had just gone to the grocery store yesterday.  I was so wrong.  So wrong.

Miday Update update:

Read for three more hours  (and went to the grocery store).  Among other bits of reading, Finished The Children's Blizzard.  Now know lots more about late 19th century weather forecasting.   It fell a tad shy, though, of being a really interesting book.  295 pages of which I read 70 yesterday. 

Total of pages read (not counting books in progress)  1541 plus Crocuses
Total time read:  13 hours and 32 minutes
Books finished:  7.  Books being activly read:2

Books broken down by category (mainly for my own interest)
 (I started with 5 each in 6 categories)

The Summer Prince

Crocuses Were Over, Hitler Was Dead

In the Shadow of Blackbirds
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Race Against Time
Interesting Times

Picked up on the cheap/free (mostly through library booksales)
The Children's Blizzard
Mooncoin Castle

The books being activly read are from the remaining two catgories of Paperback Book Swap and Review Copies, so that's good.


  1. Good luck with the reading challenge.

  2. Good luck with your reading. Better weather is on the horizon, it is sunny and 72 in NYC so should arrive at your doorstep by the time the reading challange ends.

  3. Ooh! You need Shulman's The Wells Bequest!! It's at Netgalley! They travel back in time to NYC in 1895 to meet Nikola Tesla! Wheeee!

    1. Oh, I have that one! I didn't know it was time travel--excellent!

  4. Wow~! Way to go with the reading. I'm playing a bit of catch up, but am looking forward to checking back in a few hours.

    Happy Reading!

  5. Go, Charlotte! I may break down and go grocery shopping myself. I'm trying to wait until after the finish line, but some sweet treats would hit the spot.


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