Ready for the 48 Hour Reading Challenge--my books

So just now I finally got to do something I have been wanting to do for ages.

Was it going to work, to serve the people of my fine state to the best of my ability?

No, although work has its moments.

Was it helping my seventh grader with his science homework, to wit, making his own periodic table?

No.  And if your child ever has this assignment, do something like fruit.  Do not do "interesting wars and battles."  These are Really Hard to organize into a periodic table, and we decided to ditch all the battles  of WW II and the Iraq War he'd gathered (too clustered) so we had to scrabble for more.  11 o'clock found us desperately searching for a naval battle fought between 1457 and 1602.  7:14 am the next day brought a frantic search for a religious conflict post 1500, pre 1900.   Stressful.  Most of the other students did fruit.

Was it selling off the grass in the back yard as mow-your-own hay? 

No.  I shall deal with that this weekend, while listening to an audio book on my new portable cd player!  (thanks, co-worker Jeff!)

Was it cleaning up after the past weekend's book sale at the library, whimpering softly to myself as I moved books I'd already moved 4 times already?

No, although I did need to get my shoe rack bookshelf home in order to do it...

Was it (drum roll) organizing my book stacks for the 48 Hour MotherReader Challenge??????

YES! Yes it was.

This time around, instead of a Big Mass, I have picked five books in each of six different categories.  They are:

Books given to me by my loved ones
(thank you, loved ones!  Just because it's
taken me a few years to get to your gift
doesn't mean it hasn't made me happy!)

I am determined to read The Double Shadow,
by Sally Gardner.

Books from my misc. tbr pile, mostly
picked up at library booksales or free.

That's the old doorbell.  Doesn't work anymore,
but looks cool (maybe?)

Books from the library.  Summerkin! Rump! Plainswalker! Shadow of Blackbirds!  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Race Against Time!

ARCs that want reading.  Note short, easy book
about cyber squid included.  It's good to have

Books that I bought for myself.

la la la

Books traded for at Paperback Bookswap.

Will this be the week in which I actually
read Daughter of the Forest????

I feel happier now I've done that!   Will you be reading this weekend too?


  1. I read every weekend, but I doubt my reading has ever been so highly organized. You are impressive. One more week until summer for me then I can wallow and swim in my tbrs for two and a half months. If I could avoid acquiring more in that time I might make it through 60%.

  2. Well, this is a special weekend! Usually it's catch as catch can.

    I hope your summer reading goes well--I would love to have No TBR Pile at all again someday, so I could recapture the longing for books I once had...

  3. Ooh, Daughter of the Forest is wonderful! So is the entire series. I hope you get a chance to read it!

  4. The week in which I actually read Daughter of the Forest still hasn't arrived yet, but I'm always hopeful that it will be "next week." :P Better luck to you!

  5. I hope I like it after wanting to read it for as long as I have been!

  6. Wow! What a list of books!!! I'm not sure what I'll read this weekend. I'm finishing The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr now. I'll probably read Parched by Melanie Crowder.

  7. I'd say start with In the Shadow of Blackbirds, but all the other books might pale in comparison.

    1. Alright! I'll start with that. Only I'm going to be really careful not to fall into the trap of reading just library books and review copies. I need to make progress on the other front.

  8. Happy reading, Charlotte!! Enjoy.

  9. You're so wonderfully organized! Here's hoping you get to all of them...

  10. So I'm not as organized as you, but I did make lists. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. So excited.

  11. Lots of choices. I think the doorbell was a nice touch! Good luck!


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