My son on his first day of school--a proud, but confused, Geek

Here's the tee-shirt my son wore for his first day of eighth grade:

You might recognize it from the Geek Your Library campaign; I was offered one by my library as a thank you for running the Friends group.

I think Geek Your Library is really cool, and I've enjoyed seeking all the Geek posters go up...but it is, perhaps, totally and utterly obscure to those who don't know what it's all about.

I thought I had explained it to my son....but he was, apparently, unable to explain it in turn to all the kids at school who didn't get it.  Oh well.

I just went back to the Geek Your Library site and geeked the Cybils!  Here's the section where you too can show off what you geek!


  1. Hope he had a good day at school anyway.

  2. My son has a Teen Boat t shirt that someone I know picked up at ALA. Even having read the book, neither of us really get the shirt. Basically, though, he has stuck to travel shirts from places he has never been for YEARS. Just easier, he says.

  3. But what if what you geek IS the library?

    I am maybe overthinking this a little.

    1. I think you are probably allowed to just geek that! I try not to think to hard about it, because of a nagging doubt as to the grammer of it all--I really really don't like nouns as verbs (even though it's been going on for centuries).


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