Some middle grade sci fi/fantasy books I'm surprised haven't been nominated yet for the Cybils, with commentary

So nominations for the Cybils have slowed to a trickle, and though there's always a surge at the end, I can't help but wonder which potentially short-listable books will be left outside, crying (probably in the icy rain, this being fall and all hereabouts).

Here are some I'm surprised not to see on the list yet, with reasons why, which isn't the same as "books I personally really liked and wish you would nominate" because that wouldn't be good since I'm judging them and all.  At some point I will offer a list of "books that sound interesting that I haven't read yet but maybe you have and think they should be nominated."  You can also go visit my lists--Kirkus reviewed books and SLJ reviewed books.  And here's what's already been  nominated.

So anyway, it surprises me that no one has, as of this writing, nominated:

No one has nominated The Girl Who Soared Above Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two, by Catherynne M. Valente!!!!!

The Hostage Prince, by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple.   ? Jane Yolen should have fans, yes???

A Dash of Magic, by Kathryn Littlewood We have three magical dessert books on the list already...it could be four! These things are hot right now!

Bot Wars, by J.V. Kade .  The only eligible robot sci fi book that I can think of. This sub-genre needs to be encouraged.  Edited to add--there a second, just come out robot book- The Winter of the Robots, by Kurtis Scaletta

Fyre, by Angie Sage, is the last of a well-loved series.  I haven't read it yet--maybe the fans don't think it can hold its own???

The Watcher in the Shadows, by Chris Moriarty, the sequel to The Inquisitor's Apprentice.  I don't know if this series has all that many fans, but it deserves them.

Saving Thanehaven, by Catherine Jinks.  I have been on hold for this one at the library for, like, forever.  Maybe everyone else is on hold for it too, and No One Has Actually Read It!  Pause while I do a blog search--it's been read!  Teen Librarian Tool Box said  "Although all readers can appreciate this fun romp, gamers in particular will be enchanted by this unique look at their world.  And in typical Jinks fashion, there is a lot of light humor and fun twists." 

The Whatnot, by Stefan Bachman--it's the sequel to The Peculiar, and I haven't had a chance to read it myself yet, but I loved the Peculiar and am hoping this gets nominated so I can read it with a clear conscience!

and if you are interested in other categories, here's a round-up of other people's lists of The Un-Nominated. 

Originally on this list, but now nominated:

Hokey Pokey, by Jerry Spinelli  got all sorts of buzz when it came out, most of which I missed, because I didn't realize it was fantasy, but people were even talking Newbery....

Sleeping Beauty's Daughters, by Diane Zahler.

Curse of the Thirteenth Fey, by Jane Yolen

The Abominables, by Eva Ibbotson.  It's her last book.  Sniff.

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop, by Kate Saunders

The Vengekeep Prophecies, by Brian Farrey  Fuse #8 said this about the book back in November 2012:  "With great humor and dexterity Farrey creates a new fantasy world where magic is kept in check, only popping up once in a while to bite our heroes on the bum. Fast and funny, this is one of those rare 400-page novels where I wouldn’t cut so much as a sentence or a paragraph if it meant making the story any shorter." 

Now Nominated Goulish Song, by William Alexander, because, uh, it's the sequel to a National Book Award Winner?

Now Nominated Cats of Tanglewood Forest, by Charles de Lint is another that got lots of good buzz...and he's a famous writer for grown-ups, so surely has fans among readers of MG fantasy?

(Now Nominated--but after looking at it closely, I offered it to YA)  The Reluctant Assassin, by Eoin Colfer.  Another author with fans (at least I think there are fans.  Maybe his fans just don't know about the Cybils).

(Now nominated) Texting the Underworld, by Ellen Booraem.   I thought it would be one of the first to be nominated...There's a Book said "Not only was the premise fantastic, but the characters were strong and well-developed."


  1. I agree about The Inquistor's Apprentice. I really have enjoyed that series a lot.

  2. I'm only just getting caught up with the Cybils... THE RELUCTANT ASSASSIN hasn't been nominated yet?? I'll have to go do that, then.

  3. Oh, I hope we get The Reluctant Assassin!

    One I would add is Skyjumpers - it's a terrific debut. Maybe I should've saved my nomination ...

  4. I nominated Ghoulish Song--can't believe I was the first. (If you're curious, I reviewed it here: http://bit.ly/ZWW457)

    Thanks for including Texting on your list, Charlotte!

  5. I'm disappointed Texting hasn't been nominated. I adored Small Persons with Wings and really, really want to read Texting, I just have been too busy...and it's ALWAYS checked out! I can't deprive a child of their book...although I need to remember to wrest it from their hands for sixth grade book talks next week.

    I was also surprised Frogged by Vivian Vande Velde hasn't been nominated. That was a hit at my library.

  6. I'd love to nominate "Texting"... if I can get my hands on it in time to actually read it. I've been considering nominate "Cats of Tanglewood Forest", which is the only one on this list I've read. The problem is, while I liked it fine, I didn't love it as much as some that have already been nominated, so I'm torn.

    1. I still have a bunch of nominations in various categories that I haven't used, but like you say, the ones I love have already been nominated! Still, there are three more days of reading possibility before the deadline...


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