Going stir crazy, but wondering if anyone wants to meet up in Brookline on March 9 for the Death Sworn release party

Yes, it's nice to have a warm wood burning stove in the living room, but it sure does result in a maddening cluster of family, drawn, not un-naturally, to its warmth.  As a result, I (drawn likewise to the warmth) find myself unable to concentrate on reading and reviewing, and kind of wish they would all go away for a weekend...much as I love them. 

But in any event, I am planning to get out of the house myself on Sunday, March 9, bravely driving north to Brookline (a Boston-ish place) where the Children's Book Shop will be hosting the release party for Leah Cypess' new book, Death Sworn, from 2-4.   It would be a lovely added bonus if any of you other Boston area bloggers came too....Here's the facebook announcement.

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