Wondering what favorite authors will publish next (and hoping that the answer is "something" even if googling won't tell you more)

One of the nice (?) things about being a fan of Megan Whalen Turner is that you know she is working on the next book and the years and years it will take will result in a good book.  But lately, looking at my bookshelves, I have found myself wondering in a somewhat anxious way how certain other authors I like very much are doing. 

Sometimes this wondering leads to happiness.  Lena Coakly, for instance, wrote a book, Witchlanders about which I said "it's a cold, clear read of a book, that made lovely pictures in my mind" and I continue to be convinced it would appeal lots and lots to boys moving past the Ranger's Apprentice series.  So there I was looking at Witchlanders, and wondering if I should offer it to my 11 year old now, or wait, and I thought, wow, 2011--that's a long time ago, and I became anxious, hoping she was still writing, wondering if I'd missed a book....and lo!  A visit to her website last week let me know she was writing away...a visit just now has information about her new book!

"Keep an eye out for WORLDS OF INK AND SHADOW, my forthcoming book from Abrams (US) and Harper Collins (Canada).  What’s it about?
On a lonely Yorkshire moor, young Charlotte Bronte must save her siblings and herself when they are haunted by the characters they themselves created."

So that is good.

But gee, I wish English author Caro King would write another book.  Her Seven Sorcerors duology is really really good, and Kill Fish Jones is rather brilliant in a darkly funny, thought-provoking way.  She has no website; there is no news.  

I just visited Rebecca Barnhouse's website--Coming of the Dragon and Peaceweaver are lovely historical fantasy, and Peaceweaver came out in 2012...so maybe the next one is coming?  will there be a next one?  will there ever be anything again?  I found some comfort in placing a book of hers for adults on my shopping list (Recasting the Past: the Middle Ages in Young Adult Literature), but that's not the same as another story.

And Elizabeth Bunce is an author who hasn't yet written a book I've fall in love with, but her books, especially StarCrossed, came close enough that I am full of hope that her fourth one will be the charm.   Let us check her website....nothing about a new book.

So anyway, on general principals I send lots of hopeful and encouraging thoughts through the ether to all authors (whether I know them or not) who might be writing books I will love. 

Who are you hoping will write another book sooner rather than later?


  1. I've been very lucky to have my two favorite authors working on their next works Jennifer Nielsen (The Mark of a Thief and A Night Divided) and Jennifer West alluded to a middle grade series with a boy named Van. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

    1. OHHH I did not know about the Nielsen books! Thanks!

  2. Franny Billingsley! After a long impatient wait following The Folk Keeper I wasn't that enamored of Chime, but I'm still interested to see what she does next. And what is Susanna Clarke doing?? I'm dying for a follow up to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Was she a one-book wonder? Thank God Megan Whalen Turner is reliable.

    1. blushes...I have not yet read Jonathan Strange. But I agree about wanting to see what Franny Billingsley does next!

  3. I believe Bunce had wanted to write a third book in the StarCrossed series and couldn't get it published, which doesn't bode well. I hope she does eventually get something else out there! (Her costuming boards on Pinterest are active so she's still, you know, around.)

    And I agree about Franny Billingsley and Susanna Clarke. They're both slow writers, I think, which is fine, but it's been a long time since Chime, and longer since Jonathan Strange.

    Of course I would like to hear about the fifth Attolia book RIGHT NOW. And a release date for Elizabeth Wein's Sword Dancer would be great (last Telemakos book, written and just looking for a home, I believe).

  4. oh. sad about the third StarCrossed book. And gee...I'd buy Sword Dancer! Someone publish it already!

  5. Oh, God, so many. We haven't heard from Melina Marchetta in a while. I cosign Lory's suggestions above of Franny Billingsley and Susanna Clarke. Sarah Waters, every year for the past five years up to now. This author called Martine Leavitt.

  6. I'm so glad to hear about a new Lena Coakley book! I too loved WITCHLANDERS, and I thought the cover was a bit deceiving (for intended audience, I mean).

    I am now wondering if Anne Osterlund (ACADEMY 7) is going to write anything else... especially more sci-fi, please?! And I do have a Harry Potter fanfic I Google once every couple of months on the off chance that the author will come back and finish it...

  7. Oh yes, so many authors...most of my favorites obligingly write series and have websites with updates--although sometimes frustratingly VAGUE updates on things like release dates! The one I'm mainly wondering about right now is Catherynne Valente and the 4th Fairyland book. Not a word on her website, Amazon or Google!


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