A Kidlitcon program teaser (and also a note that the deadline for panel ideas has been extended a week)

The program for Kidlitcon 2014 is slowly taking shape.  We've extended the deadline for session proposals a week because we know there are people out there still Mulling, so you have till August 8th to send your idea my way (here's the Official Form, but you can email me on the side if you want--charlotteslibrary at gmail dot com).

Even though the program isn't finished, I can guarantee that it's going to be great.  We have our keynote speaker, Mitali Perkins!  We  have a panel of awesome authors from WeNeedDiverseBooks!  (details to come....)

And just yesterday, in breaking Kidlitcon News, author Zetta Elliott agreed to come be part of a panel--yay!  (it's a panel I'm really excited about that I think is especially important........). 

And of course we also have our own lovely blogging selves on the program, because this is our time to talk too. 

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  1. Wow! This sounds amazing so far -- can't wait to hear more as plans solidify!


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