A readathon of my own! Gratefully Reading the Books Given

I have a long, long lovely weekend ahead of me (taking Friday off, and VJ Day on Monday--a perk of living in Rhode Island) and so I am challenging myself to read all the lovely books that have come my way as gifts!  I am bad at reading presents, because having them in the house almost feels like present enough.  So my tbr shelves include Christmas gifts and birthday gifts from loved ones, some unread for several years (oh the shame) and books from dear bloggers (some also unread for years sigh).   But no more!  I will read them this weekend, and then start working on my  Christmas/birthday present wishlist with an untrammeled heart. 

Would you like to join me in my Gratefully Reading the Books Given Readathon?  I realize that I might be alone in my shame, but if not, please feel free to play too!  I went and poked at Mr. Linky, but you seem to have to pay to make a widget of your own, and I don't feel like doing that.  So I'm going to do a round-up by hand-- leave a comment with your intro post to join!

Here are my own presents (and doubtless I am missing some, because the piles of books are deep and dark and precariously staked).   I will start reading them Thursday evening, and have them all read by Monday evening!

Clockwise from left:  from-- Maureen, an unknown blogger (it's been so long), and Brandy:

From my dear husband (yes, that first one is a book by a favorite author that I've had for years and haven't read):

And one more from my husband, and one from my sister:


  1. I'm sort of with you. My family mostly gives me B&N GCs, and I certainly haven't read all the books I've bought with them.

  2. Oh God, I feel so guilty about the books I've gotten from bloggers but haven't read yet. I think about it frequently and feel guilty. There's one Ana sent me that I reeeeeally need to get around to.

    1. It's a horrible guilt, isn't it! They were so nice to send the books, the books were so appreciated, and then....fail.

  3. Enjoy THE BELL AT SEALEY HEAD! It was one of my favorites of her recent books.

    And on the topic of gift books: I have some that have been gathering dust for yeeeeears (the guilt, it eats me up!). Yikes!


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