Cybils Eve, my upcoming Julian May pilgrimage with my Mama, and my bathroom door

Tonight is Cybils Eve--tomorrow those of us on the East Coast who are desperate for good excuses to distract ourselves from bathroom door troubles  passionate Cybils fans will be waking up to see what books the late nighters of the Pacific have already nominated, and quickly nominate our own favorite books!  Or possibly we will wait and see what holes need to be filled in at the end (October 15).  Either way, it's lots of fun.

This week is also fun for me, because my mother and I (with boys in tow) are doing something we have wanted to do for years.  We are going to New Hampshire, and we'll go to the top of Mount Washington, and then to Dartmouth.  The two are linked by being key places in The Galactic Milieu series of Julian May, and both of us have read our copies almost to pieces.  And this trip is a lovely prospect, and I would be able to look forward to it with much happiness, if it weren't for the fact that....

The downstairs bathroom door is still not on its hinges.  It has made it inside from the barn, and I hope to get it primed tonight....but that only leaves tomorrow to get it all the way painted and up....and Whah!  It is not the door that was in the doorframe before, because the doorframe was occupied until last year by a built-in towel closet that stuck a foot out into the dinning room, and the door we are putting there is a door of randomness that happened to be in the barn.   So door frame extensions will have to be added (fortunately I have a competent spouse, or at least a confident one, which is half the battle), and it is all very Difficult and I curse the previous owners of the house (three random doors in the barn, and none of them the right one....sigh).

With some visitors, I don't really care that there is no door to the bathroom; there's an upstairs bathroom with a perfectly fine door.  But my mother does not think highly of my housekeeping, and the door would really add to my pathetic efforts to achieve Gracious Living.....

And then when the door is done, I'll weed the gravel driveway.


  1. It's a beautiful time to visit New Hampshire! I'm sure the White Mountains will be spectacular (if you have good weather). The books sound...confusing. I'm not sure they would be my thing, but I will check them out now that I know of the NH connection.

  2. Whoa - the Cybils just came up so quickly (since I've been knee deep in KidlitCon). And, I'm still SO ENVIOUS OF THE JULIAN MAY TOUR.

    I continue to distract/comfort myself from the imperfection of my life with your Door Drama. Not that I am AT ALL having moments of schadenfreude. Not. At. All.

    We have random cabinet and closet doors in our garage that we also look askance at, because... why!? Where did they come from, and why weren't they used on the roughly made cabinets in the garage which are faced with...plywood?? Mysterious House Mysteries continue.

    Good luck...

    1. If you are ever here in New England, I'll happily do the tour again! (depending on how it goes this time.....)

      The bathroom door is now primed. It looks much better. But how will the reframing/hanging go tonight?????


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