This year's Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction Cybils Panelists!

For the past few weeks, I've been making hard choices--twice as many people applied to be Cybils panelists as I had places to offer (and that's not even including folks who put EMG SF as their second or third choices....).    Picking panelists requires carefully balancing experienced and newer panelists,  creating a mix of librarians, parents, teachers, readers, and booksellers, and making sure to pick people who clearly will enjoy reading over 100 EMG SF books this fall!  (I did not have to worry about gender diversity, because no men put EMG SF first....).    If you didn't get picked this year, or didn't apply, but think you want to do EMG SF next year, your best bet (but no guarantees) is to read and review lots of EMG SF books!

But in any event, I think I assembled two brilliant panels.  (You can see all the lists over at the Cybils Blog).

The EMG SF First Rounders:

Rana Bardisi
Reader Noir

Sherry Early

Maureen Eichner
By Singing Light

Cindy Hannikman
Fantasy Book Critic 

Katy Kramp
A Library Mama

Brandy Painter
Random Musings of a Bibliophile

Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte’s Library

The EMG SF Second Rounders:

Hayley Beale

Melissa Fox
Book Nut

Sarah Potvin
Librarian of Snark

Tasha Saecker
Waking Brain Cells

Stephanie Whalen
Views from the Tesseract

Such lovely panelists, even if I say so who shouldn't.

(And don't forget to nominate your favorite books of the year, starting Oct 1!  In terms of  publishing eligibility--don't forget the Cybils year runs from Oct 16, 2013 to Oct 15, 2014)


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  2. We need to do something about the men wanting to read EMGSF. We have some pretty amazing books. :-)

  3. It's going to be fun. Thanks, Charlotte, for organizing.


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